Live Action Tekken Sales Art Image
Video game fighting series that spawned a comic book in 2001, over five video game sequels and a two-part animated motion picture also recently added live action film to its lineup.
Jason Schwartzmann Talks Stunts and Swords for Scott Pilgim Vs. The World
The actor gets down to business about working on the future film release
What the Batmobile Almost Looked Like in Batman Forever.
How would you have felt about seeing the Batmobile designed in this manner in "Batman Forever?" Plus you can view transitions made by the Batmobile over the years from 1941 through the present.
Star Trek's Orion Girl Deleted Scene
Come inside to view a deleted scene from the Star Trek remake before the DVD/Blu-ray release showing an encounter between the good captain and an Orion woman.
J.J. Abrams on Recasting Khan in Star Trek Sequel
Famous director J.J. Abrams talks about the possibility of bringing his image of Khan in the Star Trek sequel
Owen Wilson to Voice Famous Comic Strip Character Marmaduke
Owen Wilson will be voicing Marmaduke in the Live Action/CGI adaption of the famous comic strip
Marvel Entertainment Inc. 3Q Profits Decline By 60%
One of the most prestige establishments for comic book/media faced a tough third quarter could this be?
Williem Dafoe On Spider-Man 4 Return--I Think It's Possible.
Williem Dafoe appeared as the original Green Goblin in Spider-Man...but is there room for him in the third sequel?
Gunplay Graphic Novel Optioned For TV Series
Viewers will be able to catch the graphic novel as a television series rather soon if plans fall into place. Inside you'll find news about the television series, motion comic book clip and a video of the graphic novel's creator pitching his idea to a panel of judges in San Diego
Idris Elba Talks The Losers During Interview
Well known actor Idris Elba dishes on the comic book adapted film, "the Losers."
Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead To Live Once Again in Theaters Next Year
The cult classic horror film will be re-released in theaters throughout various locations next year, hoping to attract die hard fans of the series as well as new ones who are awaiting the potential remake.
Behind The Scenes Featurette of James Cameron's Avatar.
You've seen the teaser, the four minute trailer and now here's a behind the scenes featurette of the "highly anticipated" film.
Fan film Legend Sandy Collora Returns with First Feature Movie Hunter Prey.
The auteur of fan films is back and this time he wants to display his first feature film known as Hunter Prey. Come inside for more details along with a trailer and images from the man that brought Batman in a similar light before Nolan created "Batman Begins."
Halloween Special: Actors Behind the Masks
Over the years we've seen many villains grace the screen, but rarely do we get to see the actors behind the masks. Here's a collection of the actors that brought them to life in today's Halloween special!
John Rhys-Davies Wants a Different Role in The Hobbit
It seems John Rhys-Davies is tired of playing a dwarf after his portrayal in Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Men In Black 3 to Begin Shooting in Spring?
Last September, producer Walter Parkes mentioned the sequel would be on its way if things started to fall into seems they may have.
Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron Confirmed For 'Mad Max 4: Fury Road.'
Both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron have now been confirmed as the lead actor and actress for the Mad Mad sequel
Could We See Neil Blomkamp Directing Dune?
Will the District 9 director have a shot at directing "Dune?"
Biggest Selling DVD/Blu-ray in Only One Week: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Once again it seems with the major flack received critically, the film still continues to shatter records...this time in the home entertainment realm.
The Villain For Spider-Man 4 Is the Lizard..And the Lizard Only?
According to a "reliable source" it seems the Lizard may not just be the villain in Spider-Man 4, but he'll be the only villain present in the sequel.
J.J. Abrams Talks About the Superman Franchise
How does J.J. Abrams feel about returning to the Superman franchise? Find out in the MTV audio clip inside
George Miller Talks Casting and Cars For Mad Max 4
Video clip of director George Miller talking about the Mad Max 4 Sequel.
Whispers68 Review of Astro Boy
Do I place Astro Boy in the ranks of the top animated features released or does his adventure fall short?
'Hot Stuff: The Little Devil' is Kevin Smith's Dream Character
Director Kevin Smith has a dream character in mind...
Behind the Scenes Clip of the A-Team
Entertainment Tonight gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes for the upcoming 'A-Team' movie.