Fancast by ager: Wakanda and The Inhumans
Chapter 2 of the second wave of theories I have about the MCU
Fancast by ager: Hulk 2 and Captain America 3
What follows is speculation, the rest of the MCU as it could very well end up...
Fancast By Ager: FLASH 2: Requiem 2016
The next chapter in what I presume will become the DCCU. Preceding F2R are DWF (Desolation of the World's Finest, FP (Flashpoint), (CT) Cyborg: Titan, SZH (Superman (2): Zero Hour) and JLA
Fancast by ager: Superman 2: Zero Hour  (2015) and JLA (2016)
Preceding SZH (Superman (2): Zero Hour) and JLA are DWF (Desolation of the World's Finest), FP (Flashpoint) and CT (Cyborg: Titan)
As much as I loved TDW, I'd like to see how mine weighs up against the real deal
(Sorry for no pics but the embedded section and my pic history are MIA)
Fancast By Ager: CYBORG: TITAN 2015
The Cavill DCCU as I see it unfolding. Desolation of the World's Finest (DWF) followed MOS. Flashpoint (FP) followed DWF. This is the next chapter
Fancast by ager: Flashpoint 2014
The follow-up to Desolation of the World's Finest. A possible direction the DCCU can go
The finale of my 90's era fancast. X3 stars James Purefoy, Russell Crowe and Demi Moore with Angelina Jolie, Nick Nolte, Ving Rhames and Tony Todd
Fancast by ager: World's Finest: Desolation 2014
Just as I proposed the direction of the MCU (with extremely inaccurate foresight) I will do the same for the DCCU
***Edit: this was concocted before the Affleck announcem
Fancast By Ager: X-MEN: GENESIS 1995
Sequel to X-MEN: DESCENT.
Fancast By Ager: X-MEN: Descension Circa 1993
My very first fancast was a no explanation list of actors as characters. This is a-well thought out story with sensible characters to fit-fancast.
Fancast by ager: Uncanny X-Men via 1964
Stan Lee capitalizes on the popularity of introducing the strangest heroes of all time to comic book fans by transitioning them to the big screen by 1964.
MCU: ignoring the potential of fantastic characters?
I love the MCU. It's ground breaking and fantastic, but I can't help but wonder why they haven't utilized some characters to their potential.
Fancast by ager: Wonder Woman Chapters 2 and 3 of 3(2010)
Wonder Woman, the 4th and final hero to make up my revision of the DCCU.
Fancast by ager: Wonder Woman '08 part 1 of 3
The final DC hero to hit the big screen in my reinvention of the DCCU.
Fancast by ager: Green Lantern 2007
After my redesign of the DCU, beginning with Superman '05 and continuing with Batman '06, the next superhero, with 1 remaining, is Green Lantern.
Fancast by ager: Batman part 4
The final Batmovie revision comes off the heels of The Batman, Shadow of the Bat and The Dark Knight.
This is Dark Victory
Fancast by ager: Batman Begins revision/recast part 3
THE DARK KNIGHT 2010. The 3rd part of the 4-part Batman movie franchise, if it were up to me.
Fancast by ager: Batman recast/revision part 2
Batman 2: Shadow of the Bat ('08). The sequel to The Batman, a 2006 movie rebooting the 90's disasters.
Fancast by ager: The Batman 2006 recast/revision Part 1
As this is long and pretty descriptive, I chose to only throw the 1st one at you for now. There are 4 movies in total.
Fancast by ager: Superman Returns recast/revision
In revising the DCU, this, not Batman Begins, would be DC's comeback to theaters in '05 if it were up to me
Fancast by ager: Amazing Spider-Man Sequels
This is my take on one possible direction The Amazing Spider-Man can go.
Fancast by ager: Avengers Civil War
The final chapter of the MCU taken in a reasonable, logical direction
Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series part 2
There was too much to put the 1st time, so here is the rest
Fancast by ager: Suicide Squad the Series
1st, the Dirty Dozen, then The Losers followed by The Expendables, now The Suicide Squad