For most WWE fans, the road to Wrestlemania, which begins at Royal Rumble, was unsatisfactory, to put it mildly
Take a look at the odds on the unusual suspects behind Gotham's greatest murder as well as other Gotham Series related topics
Fancast by ager: Fantastic 4 2015 Recast: FANTASTIC 4/FF2/FF3
I've taken advantage of the properties Fox owns. Not a fan of the new cast?...
Fancast By ager: ACE OF KNAVES '99
"Whether the scars are physical or mental, crime wounds everyone it touches. It brings injury and death. Poisons the mind and soul. AND IN THE END, LEAVES ONLY DESPAIR."
Scooby-Doo in: The Legend of the Swamp Thing
Guest starring Green Arrow and Black Canary, a natural fit considering the on-going success of the CW show and the liberal perspective of Oliver Queen.
Fancast by ager: Shadow of the Bat '97
This continues the chronicles of the Batman had DC adapted The Dark Knight
Returns, in 1989, rather then applying the 'essence' of the mythology as seen in
Batman, starring Michael Keaton.
Fancast by ager: (Batman) Prey '95
Continues as a prequel to the '89/'90 TDKR and the sequel to '93 TDK
I have 2 clear cut ideas for new DC animated shows. For Marvel, I have a new set
of characters I'd like to see enter the comics.
Memo to Hollywood: GIVE ME JONNY QUEST
If you are like me, you’ve been waiting patiently for a live action movie depicting the characters and story CORRECTLY.
Fancast by ager: The Dark Knight '93
The sequel/prequel to TDKR: Part1 '89 and TDKR: Part2 '90

(updated with pictures)
Burton has stated that his 1st film was 'inspired' by both The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke...

Finally got my pictures working
Here, I will speculate the roster of, potentially, the most powerful group, if they exist, in the MCU.
Never got how they let X-Men: First Class screw things up even worse.
FAN-ticizing: Tweaking Gotham
I'm jumping on the bandwagon. You know the one. The one where every passenger feels they have the idea(s) that are going to make every comic related show/movie better
Fancast by ager: Wakanda and The Inhumans
Chapter 2 of the second wave of theories I have about the MCU
Fancast by ager: Hulk 2 and Captain America 3
What follows is speculation, the rest of the MCU as it could very well end up...
Fancast By Ager: FLASH 2: Requiem 2016
The next chapter in what I presume will become the DCCU. Preceding F2R are DWF (Desolation of the World's Finest, FP (Flashpoint), (CT) Cyborg: Titan, SZH (Superman (2): Zero Hour) and JLA
Fancast by ager: Superman 2: Zero Hour (2015) and JLA (2016)
Preceding SZH (Superman (2): Zero Hour) and JLA are DWF (Desolation of the World's Finest), FP (Flashpoint) and CT (Cyborg: Titan)
Fancast By Ager: CYBORG: TITAN 2015
The Cavill DCCU as I see it unfolding. Desolation of the World's Finest (DWF) followed MOS. Flashpoint (FP) followed DWF. This is the next chapter
Fancast by ager: Flashpoint 2014
The follow-up to Desolation of the World's Finest. A possible direction the DCCU can go
The finale of my 90's era fancast. X3 stars James Purefoy, Russell Crowe and Demi Moore with Angelina Jolie, Nick Nolte, Ving Rhames and Tony Todd
Fancast by ager: World's Finest: Desolation 2014
Just as I proposed the direction of the MCU (with extremely inaccurate foresight) I will do the same for the DCCU
***Edit: this was concocted before the Affleck announcem
Fancast By Ager: X-MEN: GENESIS 1995
Sequel to X-MEN: DESCENT.
Fancast By Ager: X-MEN: Descension Circa 1993
My very first fancast was a no explanation list of actors as characters. This is a-well thought out story with sensible characters to fit-fancast.
Fancast by ager: Uncanny X-Men via 1964
Stan Lee capitalizes on the popularity of introducing the strangest heroes of all time to comic book fans by transitioning them to the big screen by 1964.