Hit the jump to check out the artwork by concept artist Mathieu Duchesne for X-Men: Days of Future Past.
FAN-MADE: My first poster for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
What if Storm was one of Apocalypse's Horsemen in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie? Check out the first poster I've created for the film.
Does this latest installment have a bright future or would we prefer to bury it in the past? Hit the jump to find out...
VIDEO GAMES: Brood Wolverine Costume now available in MARVEL HEROES!
This rad alternate costume has been released for purchase in the in-game store. Check out the image & description by hitting the jump!
The six-armed siren is up for grabs in the latest PVP season in MAA. Hit the jump to check out her gorgeous character art!
VIDEO GAMES: Emma Frost FINALLY makes her grand entrance in MARVEL HEROES
After a long delay, the White Queen is now in the live game from today.
REVIEW: NJFerns Reviews The Wolverine
So do you need to catch The Wolverine at your local cinema or is it just another big disappointment? Hit the jump to read my spoiler-free review!
FAN-MADE: Deadpool does a...Marilyn Monroe?
Hit the jump to check out my Deadpool art...
COSPLAY: Looking back at NYCC 2012
Hit the jump, cos it's never too late to enjoy good ol' cosplay!
FAN-MADE: X-Babies Mystique
Hit the jump to check out my X-Babies inspired art...
VIDEO GAMES: Havok & Magneto Are New Playable Characters In Marvel AVENGERS ALLIANCE
I may be a week late but I wanted to finish the Spec Ops 6 & then throw some tips & pointers your way! Hit the jump to see how you can get Havok AND Mags in your hero roster, and check out some images too.
COSPLAY hotties at the Dragon*Con 2012!
Mind you, these are only X-Men related costumes but they're definitely bound to please your inner comic nerd!
VIDEO GAMES: Time for some Magik in Marvel: Avengers Alliance!
Revolving around the Avengers vs X-Men event, Spec Ops 3 has begun! And you'll be able to add Magik to your hero roster at the end of it! Also, what if Jean Grey was alive & part of the Phoenix 5....?
THE WOLVERINE: A couple of unseen photos from the Fukuyama Station set
Hit the jump to get your 1st proper HQ look at Tao Okamoto as Mariko!
VIDEO GAMES: Three X-ladies join the fray in Marvel: Avengers Alliance
MAA is adding some probability, bling & thievery to their game. Hit the jump for some amazing character art!
COSPLAY: London Super Comic Con 2012!
The LSCC took place from Feb 25-26. Hit the jump to see some cool X-Men cosplay pics!
What If...? Mystique Joined the Uncanny X-Force!
Another X-Men related artwork from me...
FAN ART: The Wolverine Minimalist Movie Poster
What If...? The Wolverine would be an R-rated movie? Check out the minimalist poster I created for the Wolverine 2 movie. Hope you guys dig...
Might be late, but better late than never eh? Plus also what I thought were some of the best moments from the show...
VIDEO GAMES: Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game Is Now LIVE!
The Marvel RPG that was in closed beta on FB is now open to all!
FAN ART: Two Storm artworks by NJFerns
We lost a member from the "Comic Book Nerds Are Hot" FB group last week...His fave character was Storm.
FAN ART: New X-Men Fashion Art by Kevin Wada & Max Wittert!
You've seen haute couture redesigns of various X-characters by these guys before. Now check out their latest sets!
X-Men First Class gets nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award!
X-Men First Class continues to garner the nominations...
UPDATE Official Marvel wallpapers & background art from the X-Men Anime show!
8 awesome walls & 8 background artworks from the X-Men Anime show! UPDATE: 7 new official wallpapers for the show!
X-Men First Class gets nominated for 4 People's Choice Awards!
Good news for X-Men First Class fans- the flick continues garnering nominations!