COMICS: Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week Series Review.
A summary of the Avengers Prelude Comic Series, "Fury's Big Week". *SPOILERS*
EDITORIAL: VENOM --- A tie-in to the new SPIDER-MAN Franchise?
With rumours surfacing that Josh Trank is in talks to direct a VENOM movie, I speculate about it's involvement, if any, to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and how the overall Spidey Franchise could develop.
ANOTHER Editorial On Loki's Unknown Army in AVENGERS!
There's already a few up on here, but I thought I'd go into things a bit more comprehensively, looking at a few different possibilities. Even though I doubt we'll work it out before the movie!
How will the Avengers Trilogy go down?
It started as speculation on the first movie and grew into an idea of a potential plot for the trilogy...
This is a few pages of the original piece I'm working on, titled SOUL. It's written in comic script, and a brief description is given after the jump.
A few little scrapes have info have led me to this theory... what do you think?
News Review!
I wanted to contribute more to this site, but I'm always too slow to get the scoops! Instead, I'm reviewing some of the big news stories, looking at rumours and gauging responses. This week: TDKR, Green Lantern Trailer and Marvel TV Shows!
EDITORIAL - What next for the Heroes?
The Show was canceled at a pretty bad time, as it was planned to go into a big storyline. With that out the window, how can Tim Kring clean up the ending as he's promised?