READ: Avengers72's New Feature Film: FIGHTER FOR THE BROWN
I'm sure I wasn't missed in my short absence from CBM, but while I was gone, I was busy writing my second film. Hit the jump to read and rate it! I love your input.
The next review of my 2013 reviews brings you guys my (Avengers72's) opinion of the second installment in Peter Jackson's next Middle Earth Trilogy.
EDITORIAL: 5 Things That I Want To Be In Quentin Tarantino's New Western
Though Tarantino's works aren't exactly CBMs the site covered Django Unchained and being a huge fan of his I thought I'd come express my opinion about the new announcement about his next film.
After coming home from a late showing I threw this together.
YOU Could Take Part In The First Shoot Of Batman Vs. Superman This Weekend!
More info about the shoot from the campus newspaper, and the announcement that YOU could be a part of the twenty-minute shoot at half-time!
Tommy Lee Jones Selected To Direct Remake Of John Wayne's 'THE COWBOYS''
The Lincoln star has been chosen to write and direct the remake of the John Wayne pic.
I am posting this to show how this site has helped bring me up to this point in my life. Give it a read and give me a verdict!
Star Trek Star Michael Ansarsa Dies A 91.
The actor who played Kang the Klingon commander on 'Star Trek' has died at 91. This is a sad day indeed. Hit the jump to pay your respects.
We Have Our Oscar Host
Yes indeed. The Academy has chosen a former Oscar host to return for a second time. Hit the jump to see who it is!
Denzel Washington Turned Down A Role In Fast And Furious 7
The '2 Guns' star has been revealed to have been aproached for a role in the new installment of the Fast and Furious series.
EDITORIAL: The Future Of The MCU Part II: Joss Whedon's Phase Two
I've worked pretty hard on this and I think you guys will find it worth reading. So give it a try! In this article I will give my opinions on a lot of recently announced things concerning The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
50 Shades Of Grey Movie To Compete With Guardians Of The Galaxy On August 1st
The popular novel adaptation is set to release on the same date as Guardians of the Galaxy. But what does this mean for Marvel's Sci-Fi flick?
Similarities Between Man Of Steel And Christ
This is not a huge organized conspiracy, but it is interesting. Hit the jump to see just how similar Kal-El's story and Christ's story are.
Gameloft To Release Iron Man 3 Tie-In Tommorow?
Gameloft has posted a picture on Twitter that may tease that they plan to release a tie-in app for the upcoming Marvel flick.
A new Trailer for the upcoming sequel has been revealed in French
A sad but true thing has been posted on our awesome site and this is my opinion on it.
IRON MAN 3: Further Evidence Of The Space Suit - PLUS Armor Name Revealed?
A new Iron Man 3 toy may confirm that the space suit will appear in the upcoming Marvel flick. Plus, we might know exactly what name it'll be going by. Read on to find out.
Yeah you read the title right this is NOT a contest so you will not be getting any prize for winning. So just play for the fun of it!
With the recent news for phase 3 I`ve decided to tell all what I think the future will bring.
Pym gets a hold of the particles. -By avengers72
This is the first of 6 fan scripts that I will be doing this year
Top 5 Heroes That Should Be Rebooted or Adapted
There are the greats that have already had their run, there are the legends that have never had a GOOD run, and there are those who haven`t even seen the light.
Using the new concept art that was just released I have put together a (very) rough fan banner/poster.
I don`t know about you but I enjoy reading other people`s thoughts.So click if you feel like it and remember to coment!