HENRY DANGER Premieres To A Low 1.5M In Ratings
Is Henry Danger in danger of being canceled? That's what the newest numbers suggest because the premiere for the superhero sitcom starring Captain Man and Kid Danger from creator Dan Schneider (Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious) is a low 1.5 million in viewership! Read on for details.
Don't have a PlayStation 3? Do you like spending money? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the new PlayStation 3 bundle for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is for you! Check out what it packs inside after the jump.
After Dwayne Johnson confirmed he will be playing Black Adam in a Shazam movie, it was only a matter of time until TT Games announced Black Adam as a playable character. Well, that's just what they did! Check out the first screenshot for Black Adam...
JURASSIC WORLD Leaks Suggest Super Bowl TV Spot, DVD Release Date, LEGO Video Game Tie-In & More
Memos from the toy company Toys "R" Us seem to suggest advertising plans for next year's highly-anticipated Jurassic World movie! While there is definitely a lot of promotion planned for the dinosaur flick, a Super Bowl spot, DVD release date and a LEGO video game are very eye-catching! Hit the jump and find out what.
You Can See More Of BIG HERO 6 & First Footage For TOMORROWLAND At NYCC 2014
Disney has announced they will bring two of their upcoming films, this year's Big Hero 6 and next year's Tomorrowland to this October's New York Comic Con! We already know what Big Hero 6 looks like, but this will be your first chance to see footage for the next film by Brad Bird! Check it out.
New Line President Talks SHAZAM Movie: Will Have Sense Of Humor And Fun
New Line's President Toby Emmerich has revealed a few more details about Shazam, discussing the tone of the movie and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's take on Black Adam, comparing it to the character he plays in...Fast & Furious?! Hit the jump for the full interview!
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Has Been Delayed From 2016
Before How to Train Your Dragon 2 opened in theaters (which went on to gross over $600 million worldwide), DreamWorks already announced plans for a third installment to launch in 2016, until now! Hit the jump to find out exactly when Hiccup and Toothless will now be returning...
Blu-ray.com has three more box sets to unveil just in time for Transformers: Age of Extinction to hit stores in September! That makes for nine different home media releases in total, including the new 4-Movie Collection! Hit the jump and check them out.
VIDEO GAMES: Godzilla Battles Mothra & King Ghidorah In The Second Preview Trailer Of GODZILLA For PS3
The newest trailer from this year's forthcoming Godzilla for PlayStation 3 shows the King of the Monsters destroying cities and combating kaijus like Kiryu, Mothra and King Ghidorah! Hit the jump and check it out.
VIDEO GAMES: Brand New BIG HERO 6 Screenshots & Trailer For DISNEY INFINITY 2.0
Hiro and Baymax may be making their cinematic debut in November, but you can catch them even earlier next month for the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0! Hit the jump and check out thirteen all-new pictures and a trailer that puts the spotlight on the genius and super robot themselves!
Why Marvel Isn't Marketing BIG HERO 6
The upcoming superhero animation Big Hero 6 by Disney might be based on the superhero team of the same name by Marvel but that isn't making the comic book company any more willing to advertise it! Hit the jump and maybe you'll know why...
VIDEO GAMES: GODZILLA, First Look At King Ghidorah, Mothra & Pre-Order Bonus
There's plenty of time until Godzilla releases this December for PS3 and now we have our first in-game screenshots at two other kaiju coming to the game, Mothra and King Ghidorah! We also have more details on the Legendary Godzilla's gameplay and much more when you hit the jump!
VIDEO GAMES: First Look At Beast Boy's Animal Forms & New Plastic Man Pic For LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM
TT Games promised a first look at what Beast Boy's animal forms will look like in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and despite a delay, they did not disappoint! We also get a new pic picturing Plastic Man! Check out both images after the jump..
VIDEO GAMES: Bring On The Super Heroes In The DISNEY INFINITY 2.0 Toy Box Trailer
The latest trailer for the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 highlights Toy Box 2.0 reminds fans that all Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Originals are playable in the updated Toy Box Mode! Engage in Toy Box games, play with friends, download content and much more..
VIDEO GAMES: New Kaiju Teased For GODZILLA, Release Date & Price Revealed (UPDATE 2)
The upcoming Godzilla video game by Bandai Namco Games that will be a Japanese-exclusive for PS3 now teasers two new kaiju coming to the game! We only have a silhouette for one, but we're pretty sure you know who it is! We also have the updated release date and price of the game!
Premiere For STAR WARS REBELS Has Finally Been Revealed
The rebellion starts soon! The official premiere for the upcoming animated series, Star Wars Rebels has been revealed, as well as a way for viewers to watch it before it airs on TV! Hit the jump and find out when and how..
The fans have been asking for a long time to see fan favorite superheroes like Black Panther and Captain Marvel hit the big screen, and President of Marvel Studios admits he gets asked this question a lot more than he does about Avengers 3..
The next line of figures to hit Disney Infinity 2.0 will be characters to be featured in the upcoming Walt Disney superhero animation, Big Hero 6! Hit the jump to check out the first official images of the Hiro and Baymax figures!
VIDEO GAMES: More GODZILLA Screenshots Reveal The Return Of Super X
Godzilla can next be seen in this year's Japanese-only Godzilla video game to be released exclusively for PS3! Now we have even more screenshots, including a return at an age-old aircraft enemy of Godzilla! Hit the jump and check it out.
Details On Daisy Ridley's Costume In STAR WARS EPISODE VII
Hey! Like knowing how characters will look like in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII? Looking for something more after seeing the Stormtroopers, Solo and villain? There's no picture this time yet, but hit the jump to find out how Daisy Ridley will look like!
Adam Driver Dishes On STAR WARS EPISODE VII: It's 'Surreal'
EW chatted with actor Adam Driver, one of the stars of next year's Star Wars Episode VII. Continue on to find out whether George Lucas has been on set and when he starts filming.
VIDEO GAMES: Pre-Order Amazon's DISNEY INFINITY 2.0 Marvel Premium Value Pack & Get Much Cheaper Spider-Man Play Set
As if there wasn't already a reason to get it! Amazon has a hot new deal where they're offering the ultimate bundle: the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Premium Value Pack! And if you pre-order it, it includes the Spider-Man Play Set for a much cheaper price! Check it out.
Michael B. Jordan Talks FANTASTIC FOUR: Has Original Johnny Stuff & Fresh Take
Flame on! Those are the words fans are expecting Michael B. Jordan to say in next year's Fantastic Four reboot. Now the actor talks about "original Johnny stuff", a "fresh take" Fox believes in and advice from Chris Evans. Click on for more..
Preorder The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Blu-Ray Combo Pack With Limited Edition Raphael Gift Set
Cowabunga! Paramount Pictures has now revealed the home media release for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just recently after the Turtles shredded the box office for a successful opening! It also includes an awesome "Raphael Gift Set"! Hit the jump and check it out.
Watch out, Aquaman! TT Games has announced that Aquaman's archnemesis, Black Manta will return to the LEGO Batman series of video games, ready for the all-new LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham! Hit the jump and check out the redesigned, sea-dwelling supervillain.