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The Two Sequels To ALIEN: PARADISE LOST Will Also Be Directed By Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott generated a tidal wave of frenzy when announcing the name of the Prometheus sequel. He's very ecstatic to tell the origins of the Xenomorphs so unsurprisingly, he also intends to direct the third and fourth films! Come and read his enthralling comments.
This Is The Current Status Of The TEEN TITANS-Themed Live Action Show
The live action Teen Titans adaptation has frustratingly received a flat tire. Although filming was expected to commence during this time, it hasn't, and the lack of any recent progressive announcements isn't so hopeful. Someone's brief comments do shed light on its status, however.
FALSE ALARM: Mark Ryan's Misquoted Online Chatter Is Not The Plot Of TRANSFORMERS 5
Recall the supposed plot details about the next Transformers movie because Mark Ryan, famous for voicing Bumblebee and Lockdown, has stomped on the recent "online speculation and hype" because it is simply not true. Click on to read his full comments, what he actually said, and why it's too early for even spoilers about Transformers 5.
Feel The Nostalgia In 2 Of 37 Variant Art For DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE
DC Comics is building The Master Race to be the next big Batman story, so of course a barrage of variant covers is an expectation. Read the huge list of artist names who will be contributing to the comic event and take a full look at two covers that DC has pulled the tarp off of.
FANTASTIC FOUR: First Concept Art Reveal A Weirder Planet Zero & Doctor Doom's Castle
We never got to see a flying car but this premiere concept art from the early stages of 2015's Fantastic Four movie go deeper into director Josh Trank's unaltered vision and his exciting concepts that were thrown in the garbage. Are you ready to be blown away?
This Is When We'll Probably See Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN
Neill Blomkamp is still hard at work as ever on his version of the epic Alien lore but when can audiences taste his vision for the beloved sci-fi franchise? An unconfirmed report has the answer! Read on for the return of Ripley and Xenomorphs!
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be the first title outside of the Harry Potter entries to expand the lore in live action format. With a cast assembled and untold magical creatures waiting to be discovered, filming can't be far off. When? Why, click the Basilisk...
BOOM! Bendis & Marquez's INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 Sky Rockets To Explosive 300k Comic Orders
Invincible Iron Man #1 is one of most anticipated titles in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics. And though 200k is a great number, Tony wasn't satisfied. Maybe that's why his new comic series has entered 300k territory and obtained a brand new variant by Skottie Young!
Cowabunga, Dudes! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2 Has Wrapped
After a four-month shoot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 has finished filming and has entered post production! That can only mean less time until a trailer becomes available for a film that will feature Casey, a new Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady! How does this makes you feel?
Max Borenstein Talks About His Script For GODZILLA 2
A true sequel to the King does not resurface until 2018. And as the selected screenwriter, Max Borenstein has already started punching a keyboard for the follow-up. For the first time, he discusses the thinking process and how he feels about it!
An Alternate Trailer For FANTASTIC FOUR Is Secretly Playing With KINGSMAN
It's been some time since the teaser trailer for Fantastic Four debuted and if you're itching to see new footage, look no further than Kingsman! People have reported watching an alternate variant attached to the spy comedy and though it isn't much, check out what they have to say...
First Promo & Details For LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: Create & Control Your Own Dinosaurs
Traveller's Tales is busy at work completing their LEGO game tie-in for a little movie called Jurassic World out in four months! The first specific game details have surfaced as well as the first promo for this LEGO dinosaur epic. Hit the jump and hold on to your bricks...
New 2015 LEGO SPIDER-MAN Sets Introduce First Minifigures For 'Carnage', 'Iron Spider', 'Miles Morales' & More
A trio of new Spider-Man brick sets from LEGO unveil not just new ways to play but also characters from the amazing world of Spider-Man turned into minifigures for the first time! Three of them are Carnage, the Iron Spider and Miles Morales! Who else? You gotta hit the jump to find out!
The Dinosaurs Go Out Of Control In Five Sets For LEGO JURASSIC WORLD
LEGO has finally unveiled the five sets they have created to coincide with the release of Jurassic World! Hit the jump and find out what they're called, who became a minifigure and all the dinosaurs you can build other than Indominus Rex!
CHAPPiE Is Rated R & Is Blomkamp's Longest Film; Watch 7 New TV Spots
Fans have been debating if the third film from Neill Blomkamp will be rated PG-13 or R, and it is confirmed to be the latter. It has also been confirmed to be Blomkamp's longest movie ever. Hit the jump to find out how long and see a ton of new footage of Chappie in seven, different TV spots.
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