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An Alternate Trailer For FANTASTIC FOUR Is Secretly Playing With KINGSMAN
It's been some time since the teaser trailer for Fantastic Four debuted and if you're itching to see new footage, look no further than Kingsman! People have reported watching an alternate variant attached to the spy comedy and though it isn't much, check out what they have to say...
First Promo & Details For LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: Create & Control Your Own Dinosaurs
Traveller's Tales is busy at work completing their LEGO game tie-in for a little movie called Jurassic World out in four months! The first specific game details have surfaced as well as the first promo for this LEGO dinosaur epic. Hit the jump and hold on to your bricks...
New 2015 LEGO SPIDER-MAN Sets Introduce First Minifigures For 'Carnage', 'Iron Spider', 'Miles Morales' & More
A trio of new Spider-Man brick sets from LEGO unveil not just new ways to play but also characters from the amazing world of Spider-Man turned into minifigures for the first time! Three of them are Carnage, the Iron Spider and Miles Morales! Who else? You gotta hit the jump to find out!
The Dinosaurs Go Out Of Control In Five Sets For LEGO JURASSIC WORLD
LEGO has finally unveiled the five sets they have created to coincide with the release of Jurassic World! Hit the jump and find out what they're called, who became a minifigure and all the dinosaurs you can build other than Indominus Rex!
CHAPPiE Is Rated R & Is Blomkamp's Longest Film; Watch 7 New TV Spots
Fans have been debating if the third film from Neill Blomkamp will be rated PG-13 or R, and it is confirmed to be the latter. It has also been confirmed to be Blomkamp's longest movie ever. Hit the jump to find out how long and see a ton of new footage of Chappie in seven, different TV spots.
Check Out 15 Images Of Terrifying JURASSIC WORLD Figures Including 'Charlie', 'Echo' & 'Indominus Rex'
Four months from now, the park is open. And even though we know of a few dinos that'll wreck havoc in Isla Nublar, we don't know all of them. However, these 15 images may reveal more 'saurs making the cut. Hit the jump and find out who else could battle the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World!
JURASSIC WORLD: Check Out New Action Figures For 'T-Rex', 'Velociraptor' & 'Indominus Rex'
As we wait for LEGO's take on the wildly-anticipated dino thriller Jurassic World, three new images have surfaced giving us better looks at the entire bodies of three meat-eaters in the park! Hit the jump and revel in terror at the new Velociraptor, T-Rex and Indominus Rex!
CHAPPiE: IMAX Confirmed & 2 New Posters Before He Hits Theaters In One Month
One month, there is exactly one full month until my highly-anticipated film from Neill Blomkamp arrives, and in IMAX! Expect the marketing to kick into high gear in the coming days for Chappie and check out these brand new posters featuring the bunny-eared-bot that carries a gun!
Spider-Man may be the world's most profitable superhero but even that can't save his movies! But who cares about that! The numbers are in and video games The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Disney Infinity 2.0 have hit stores...only to be stomped by LEGO Batman 3! Take a closer look.
Nobody messes with the Force! First it was Warcraft and now Mission: Impossible 5 is the latest movie to change its release thanks to the overwhelming reaction to the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Now when is it coming out? The date WILL surprise you...
A Few More Details On The Trailer For THE FANTASTIC FOUR Before It Debuts In Four Days
The Leaker on Twitter G@BRIELGR@Y has once again commented on the upcoming teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four. He doesn't give away any spoilers but does go into a little more detail on why it "couldn't be more different from the last". Check it out.
UPDATE: Is This The Logo For THE FANTASTIC FOUR? Fox Employee Leaks Info: It's A Genuinely Good Movie
The Fantastic Four doesn't come out for seven months and it seems like the longer it takes for Fox to finally release footage, the more leaks will come. Hit the jump for what is possibly the film's logo and details on Doom, the Thing and more! Update: It looks like it's been debunked!
THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Is About Whether A Dark Knight Can Be Happy
He may be Batman but he's not happy and it looks like in two-years his brick flick will explore whether the dark, brooding orphan can ever have that feeling. Hit the jump for more details on The LEGO Batman Movie's exciting premise!
CHAPPiE Trailer 2 Is Dropping This Week; The Tone Could Surprise You
Before the robot-gone-rogue comes to life in a few months, the next film from Neill Blomkamp is due for a new trailer. This time it won't be a teaser and if you weren't impressed by his first trailer, the second one could surprise you. Hit the jump to find out when and why.
A Casting Call For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 Already? Extras Wanted In Atlanta, Georgia
After all the talk about the state of Spider-Man franchise, it looks like Sony could be ramping up production on The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and way sooner than 2018. According to a casting call notice, extras are being hired for a shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. Grab some salt and check it out.
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