Kevin Fiege Reveals Where The ANT-MAN Post-Credits Scene Comes From
With the revelation that Ant-Man will feature two post-credits scenes, fans have been heavily speculating on what we'll see in them. Well, we now have a much better idea as to what it will contain, as Kevin Fiege has just let slip a crucial detail......
Dragon Ball Super: How it Can be More Successful than GT
Does Dragon Ball Super stand a chance of being a good show? Will it fall into the same mistakes that GT made? Hit the jump to find out Huckfinnisher's thoughts on how to please the fans of the franchise.
VIDEO GAMES: WB Games Montreal Working On A New DC Game
Just last week we saw the release of the final game in the Batman: Arkham series in Batman: Arkham Knight. Now the developers behind Batman: Arkham Origins are working on a new DC game. Click to check it out.
While more news updates on upcoming Marvel Cinematic films, television shows and future seasons, there are things that we want Marvel Studios to get done for upcoming films like Spider-Man so that they don't keep sucking like crap. So for the upcoming Spider-Man film is to include the following to make the reboot itself more awesome than the other films before it over the past 13 years.
Possible Production Dates Revealed for Marvel/Netflix's LUKE CAGE
Sweet Christmas! SpoilerTV has just recently updated their production schedules for the 2015/2016 year, and included in there are the plans for a certain super-strong character...
Check Out The Intro For The Final Season of AQUA TEEN FOREVER
After over 10 seasons, Aqua Teen is coming to an end leaving behind a legacy of being the longest running [adultswim] show ever. Check out the final season's intro which has definitely took a turn to be more action oriented.
This Is What Happens When You Have A 24 HOUR LIVE Stream Of Batman: Arkham Knight. The Comic Book Show Doesn't Recommend It.
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Wes, and Lucas have just experienced a 24 hour LIVE stream of Batman: Arkham Knight. Who goes crazy first? Definitely a must watch.
Ron Perlman Seemingly Confirms That A HELLBOY 3 Is In The Works
In a brief and vague update through his instagram account, Ron Perlman (Blade II) hints that a third HELLBOY movie may be in the works after all. Make the jump for more...
Terminator: Genisys: Should you see it? (No spoilers)
Is Terminator: Genisys worth your money? Find out here
Regular Guy Review: True Detective S02E02
Wow that was an explosive episode. Let's sit together at the table in the bar and discuss what did and didn't work in this week's episode of True Detective.
Watch Paul Rudd Answer A Reporter's Phone During Marvel's Ant-Man Press Conference The cast and crew of Ant-Man like to have fun. In a press conference filled with laughs, Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, may have supplied the most memorable one of all.
A new generation of heroes has arrived.
New Television spot for Fantastic Four and Kanye's back too!
Earth-717: MS. MARVEL Volume 1 - Chapter 6
An alternate time. An alternate world. Major Carol Danvers has always been a hero, but she never realized how great she would become. After confronting an otherworldly menace, Carol's life is transformed when she is imbued with cosmic powers. Working with an alien spy she is unsure she can trust, Carol must stop a galactic empire before they annihilate all life on Earth.
Backstreet Boys- Larger than Life (Earth Fights Back Video Mix)
The video of the 1999 single with additional various footages of sci-fi films.
RUMOR: Star Wars The Force Awakens to Have *Spoiler* Teaser Attached
Word leaking out is that studio execs are kicking around teasing an old favorite at the beginning of Star Wars TFA. What could it be???
FALLING SKIES: The Final Season; Episode One Journey's End Trailer
The fifth and final series of Sci-Fi hit FALLING SKIES premieres tonight on TNT. Dark Horse Comics, in partnership with DreamWorks Television and TNT, has so far released two digital comic book series of the franchise. Check out the teaser and synopsis just passed the jump.
Are two Flash one too many ?
With Comic-Con rapidly approaching, and DC Entertainment preparing to nuke the hell out of Hall H. I’ve been thinking a lot about The Flash. How DC is going to handle a problem they may have created for themselves.
COSPLAY : Jean Gomez As Wonder Woman
Hit the jump to view pics of the wonderfully stunning Jean Gomez as the wonderful wonder woman in her new 52 costume.
EDITORIAL: Why I (Kind Of) Want ANT-MAN To Fail
Marvel's Ant-Man, a movie that looks to be another impressive addition to their cinematic universe. So why wouldn't I want this franchise to take off? The answer is Eric O'Grady.
Emilia Clarke Hints That SPOILER Isn't Really Dead
That Season 5 Finale looked like the end of SPOILER but is he/she really dead?
Kevin Feige Discusses The Integration Of ANT-MAN And Humor In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
While at a press conference for the release of Ant-Man, Kevin Feige discussed and clarified the role of and humor, in general, in the upcoming film and how it affects other films within the cinematic universe. Along with this, Feige discusses how Marvel Studios sees Ant-Man. Read on for more!
Superman: The Christopher Reeve Epic Retrospective
This a tribute video I did that takes you through a journey of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Hope you guys like it!
POLL/DISCUSSION: What Is The Greatest BATMAN: ARKHAM Video Game?
Now that BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT, the highly anticipated conclusion to the ARKHAM franchise, has been released, come and vote/discuss which game in the series is the best of the bunch!
After a month of doing nothing, Khan returns with his latest movie pitch. Fresh off the heals of the huge success, Children Of The Atom, comes the anticipated follow-up, Genosha. Hit the jump to check it out!