Man of Steel Trailer: Christopher Reeve Style!
Remember that amazing Man of Steel trailer with the awesome Hans Zimmer score? Well, check out this makeover done in the style of the beloved Christopher Reeves Superman movies! Includes a Marlon Brando voiceover.
FAN MADE: Superman vs Thor Live-Action Battle
We say Fan Made but the live-action short focusing on a battle between Thor Odinson and Kal-el of Krypton was done by YouTube sensation Machinima, so expect a greater level of polish than your average fan-made video.
The Nightmare of Zod
An article pondering what would happen if a super-powered being invaded Earth
PROMETHEUS Opening Scene Spoilers Revealed!
An interview with an actor who plays one of the "Engineers" reveals the opening scene in the waterfall. *SPOILERS*
Director of Chronicle speaks out about Andrew and more!
An interview from Chronicle heads our way and Andrew rips a spider to pieces!
The Top 10 Comic Book Movie Trailers of All Time
Everyone loves trailers, if it does its job, it makes you want to see the film. Here I list the top ten CBM trailers of all time. Trailers that you watched over and over and made you want to just hibernate until the movie was released.
What if a DC vs Marvel video game happened?
Imagine if the powers that be came together to give us the greatest crossover video game of all time!
Make Mine DC: An optimistic view for the future of the DC's cinematic universe
Brand new editorial contributor remarks on what's on the horizon for DC.