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Xemnu Challenges The Hulk In A New HULK AND THE AGENTS OF SMASH Clip
Xemnu the undisputed fighting champion challenges the strongest there is...The Hulk. Xemnu is undefeated, but will that last after he steps into the arena with the Hulk? Will the Hulk even accept? Will A-Bomb break his undefeated streak? Hit the jump to check it out!
The All Time Worst CBM Villains
Look bellow to check out who I deem are some of the WORST comic book movie villains of all time. Warning: may contain spoilers.
One of the most discussed and interesting superhero films of all time, Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has finally revealed it's first trailer. The film's most prominent supporter, Dave "Gold" Khanlark, has decided to give his two cents on the latest trailer from Fox. Hit the jump to check it out!
What if Superman Was Adopted by the Waynes
What if Superman was adopted by the Waynes instead of Batman?
THE FLASH: Easter Eggs from “The Sound and the Fury” (Ep 1x11) -- ROYAL FLUSH GANG, WELLS' speed powers and more!
FLASH and the police chased the THE ROYAL FLUSH GANG in the opening scenes of "The Sound and the Fury" episode 1x11; later Dr Wells avoids shattering glass with speed powers. Hit the jump for details about these easter eggs and more.
COMICS: Batman Gets Ready For Mr. Freeze In This Preview Of ARKHAM MANOR #4
After containing the Spider, Batman has to shift his attention to his coldest villain Mr. Freeze! Will Batman be able to contain him, or will his plans get put on ice? Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Gerry Duggan's Arkham Manor #4!
Should Fox just stick with X-men and Fantastic Four? Director posts cryptic images of Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Punisher, Blade (sans Namor) in the MCU
Editorial Director of had some fun posting some cryptic images about characters potentially appearing in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films or TV shows during a fan Q&A... what do they reveal?
Bobo's AGENT CARTER Review - S1 Ep.3 (Time and Tide)
'Agent Carter' is off to a great start and 'Time and Tide' keeps the momentum going. With Jarvis in trouble Peggy must make sacrifices in order to save her friend and the mission, plus she fights a big dude! Check out my review!
Bobo's THE FLASH Review - S1 Ep.11 (The Sound and The Fury)
'The Sound and The Fury' does a fantastic job pushing the story forward while giving us a ton of clues as to what's really going on with Dr. Wells. Click the link to check out my review!
While searching the depths of Amazon's website, it seems as though the Avengers: Age of Ultron junior novel will released in April, just about a few weeks ahead of the film's theater debut. Hit the jump to get your first look!
Positive Features About 2005´s FANTASTIC FOUR
To conmemorate the release of the first trailer of FANT4STIC I decided to look back at the second Fantastic Four movie and salvage the great THINGs that it has to offer. Check it out!
The Fantastic Four trailer dropped earlier today to a pretty mixed response. One thing most people agreed on, however, was the apparent similarity to Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Now it seems one YouTuber has put the two together - with interesting results...
Paramount Pictures Slashes Back FRIDAY THE 13th Reboot To 2016
If you were excited to see the ever so machete loving maniac Jason on the screen once again this year you're going to have to wait a little longer as Paramount shifted the film from it's 2015 release date to 2016, hit the jump for more and on when you can see the movie hit in 2016!
Hayley Atwell Talks AGENT CARTER While Saying She'd Love To Star In A BLACK WIDOW Film
While talking with, Hayley Atwell discusses her thoughts during one of the fight sequences, doing her own stunts, and wanting to star in a Black Widow film (if Marvel Studios ever decide to do it). Hit the jump to check it out!
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