DC sketches
Dc sketches of Superman..Batman.. and Wonder Woman.
Doctor Who Sketches
First set of a new series of work.. first being based on the last three doctors
Agent Coulson fan art
A quote-based piece of work based around a certain agent of S.h.i.e.l.d.
Minimal Marvel- Hawkeye & Black Widow
Final Minimal Marvel Piece this time its two pieces.. black widow and hawkeye
Minimal Marvel - Iceman/Human Torch
Eighth Minimal Marvel piece... and this time. its a duo!
Minimal Marvel - Silver Surfer
Seventh Minimal Marvel piece.. this time.. silver surfer
Minimal Marvel - Magneto/Prof X
Sixth Minimal Marvel Piece.... this time.. magneto vs prof x
Minimal Marvel - IronMan
Fifth Minimal Marvel piece... today.. IRONMAN
FAN ART: Minimal Marvel - Spider-Man
Fourth Minimal Marvel piece.. this time.. SPIDER-MAN
FAN ART: Minimal Marvel - HULK
Third of my Minimal Marvel series.. this time HULK!
FAN ART: Minimal Marvel - Captain America
Second of my Minimal Marvel series.. this time its captain america
Minimal Marvel - Thor
First of my minimal marvel posters
My Iron Man 3 Poster
My Movie poster for Iron Man 3
Saw Dark Knight Rises and just had to do a fan art piece..
Shameless plugging.....[shrugs]
joker and joker
fan art - a pair of jokers
Superman Throughout the Years
Fan art of all actors who have played superman.
Hero or Villain
Who would you be?
Superman fan art
just something quick i did
Batman and Killer Croc
batman fighting killer croc
Silver Surfer
Take a look and give me some feedback.
FAN ART: Black Cat and Vulture
Take a look and give me some feedback.
Wonder Woman fan art
fan art of wonder woman
Heroes Fan Art
Group of fan art images based on the TV series "Heroes"