3 theories for starwars the force awakens
I have a few star wars episode 7 predictions so here it goes. I will try to keep this short. All theories are just that.

1.)our protagonist is related to our antagonist. Sure we saw this once before in Vader, Luke and Leia, but there are theories that Ren may be Rey's cousin. I personally belive that Rey is Han and Leia's daughter and perhaps Kylo Ren is the offspring of Luke. In the trailer we see that Kylo wants to finish what Vader started. Is this because he wants to join in his grandfather's legacy? In the international trailer we see Kylo Ren behind Rey with his cross light saber yet he doesn't seem interested in killing her. Is this because he knows something she doesn't? If this theory is true is this when we have it confirmed?

2.) Is Finn a spy? People say he is a deserter. Which could very well be true. Maybe he leaves the first order to do good instead of the bidding of a tyrannical organization. There is one scene in the trailer that makes me agree but also disagree. Him and a pilot pass by one another and the pilot pats him on the back. He turns and gives a look of concern. Is he fearful or is he showing regret as he is feeling for these people he has been tasked to infiltrate? Sure we know he gets a light saber and goes toe to toe with Kylo Ren but is that a part of him choosing good over his mission?

3.) Han dies.... Or does he? There are a few scene's shown in the trailer that hint to a main character's death. Rey over a body clearly distraught and maybe a little angry Han hugging Leia while she exhibits sadness or fear. Maybe she is afraid Han won't return or maybe Chewbacca is dead. I hope this theory and the Han dies theory is incredibly wrong.

That's all I got thanks for reading up to this point. What do you think? Do you agree with these theories? Sound off in the comment's and make it sweaty nerds
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Hopefully this gets a good conversation going
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