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Comic Book Movie

While The Flash is out fighting Grodd, things are getting emotional on tonight's Arrow. A new clip has been released featuring new team leader, the perpetually crying Felicity, having a few choice words for Diggle & Laurel after the team falls apart on a mission! Come check it out!
Despite recent rumours that Supergirl might fly onto The CW, it has been picked up to series by CBS. Hit the jump for details on the deal, and to find out roughly when we should expect to see Superman's cousin (played by Glee's Melissa Benoist) reach the small screen.
PlayStation Network's first foray into original scripted drama has been received with mixed critical response since it debuted two months ago. Despite this, Sony have still officially renewed Powers for a second season. Read on for more details!
The CW has released the full set of promotional stills from tonight's installment of Arrow and they preview a huge wedding! Come check out new photos of the happy bride with her new groom, a few wedding crashers, and of course, the bride's terrifying father!
Though we still don't have a name, we might just have some information on the type of character The Hobbit star will be playing in Marvel's third Captain America movie -- and if you know your comics, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with an educated guess as to who that character could be!
Deadshot and Rick Flag appear to have a heated exchange in one of many new photos from the set of Suicide Squad, as director David Ayer talks up the ensemble in one of many set videos. Check it out!
In a new clip from tonight's episode of Arrow, a character goes on the hunt from someone from their past, and that leads to a surprise return for a fan-favourite superhero who recently departed The CW series. You can guess who it is, right? Hit the jump to confirm those suspicions...
To celebrate the release of the action packed Big Game starring Samuel L Jackson, in cinemas May 7th, we’re giving you the chance to win the ultimate survival pack to ensure you’re prepared for any adventure! Hit the jump for a chance to win this awesome prize...
Daredevil star Charlie Cox talks more here about which characters he hopes to see in season two of the Netflix series, the arrival of new showrunners, his desire for the red suit to further evolve (including that iconic logo), and much more. Hit the jump to check it out!
On Monday Joss Whedon deleted his Twitter account amid speculation that some of the backlash he received from militant feminists over his handling of the Black Widow character in Avengers: Age Of Ultron got a bit much for him to deal with. What really happened? Click on to find out...