Is Marvel vs Fox and FANTASTIC FOUR Hiatus real?
Is Marvel's Fox lockout real or something else is going on?
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: How Did *Major Spoilers* Die?
"Romantic idiot! She was dead before your webbing reached her! A fall from that height would kill anyone — before they struck the ground!"
Everyone is talking and complaining about how/why Tony Stark is going to be creator of Ultron in Avengers sequel. But I have some theories that may be different.
The Collecter's Connection to Avengers 2.
Benicio Del Toro is rumored to play Collector in 2014's Guardians Of The Galaxy. How is he important to Avengers 2? I think I have some clues.
Movie Review: MAN OF STEEL
Finally I got to watch one of the most anticipated movies of 2013. So is this movie worth the hype or not, do check out.
Movie Review: Iron Man 3 (3D)
Iron Man 3 released this week and with it MCU's phase 2 started. Check the article to find out if it worked or not.
Vandal Savage as Justice League movie villain
I've been watching Vandal Savage in action for a while now and here is why I think he'll be a great Live Action Justice League movie villain.
Favorite CBM moments in 2012
Here are my favorite comic book moments from comic book movies released this year. Have a look and tell us yours.
How Marvel Can Introduce Dr Strange in THOR: THE DARK WORLD
Rumors about Dr Strange in Thor: The Dark World are coming out, if it is true lets see how.
DC and Marvel movies killing other comic book movies
Are DC and Marvel comic book based movies are getting more attention at box office compared to other franchises? Check out what I think.
How Can DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Take Place As Duel Sequel?
Idea hit my mind after going through comments in various forums and this site. DOFP can be an amazing movie if Fox is able to pull of the duel sequel idea. Here is how Days of the future past can serve as a sequel for the first trilogy as well as First Class too.
Deadpool Solo or X-Force Movie?
Fox is trying to make a Deadpool movie for a long time now and still not able to do it properly. Do you think he is a solo movie material or a team movie would work?
Who is Earth 616 Miles Morales? *Spoilers*
If Ultimate Universe's Peter Parker is dead, what happened to Earth 616 Miles Morales
MCU phase 2 possible death.
It was beloved Agent Coulson in Avengers, who is going to be next.
Avengers vs X-Men: Did *Spoilers* faked his death
A major character died in last issue of Avengers vs X-Men. Marvel is known for bringing people from dead in no time. What are the chances for this character returning in future.
Was Asgard already destroyed during Avengers
What are the chances of Asgard was already destroyed during Thor's adventure on Earth during Avengers?
How can Batman Hush turn into a successful movie trilogy (not a fancast)
Hush is unarguably one of the Batman's best storylines. I have an idea how it can turn into a successful trilogy.