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NSFW : Lost Footage From Evil Dead Remake Finds Its Way Online
Hit The Jump To See The Long Rumored Lost Footage From The Recent Remake Of The Cult Classic Which Has Just Hit The Web.
Banner in the Woods
A tragic, heart-warming story about Banner in the Woods.
Batman/Superman Vs Doomsday Part 1 Has Arrived! What A Spectacle!
There have been rumors of Doomsday showing up in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others have to take out this monstrous beast?
Wertham Rants Episode One The First Installment: The Beginning of the Start
This is a new series of Werthamness that shall start to exist on this night, the 29th of the January of the year that shall forever be known as the year 2015.
INDIANA JONES vs BACK TO THE FUTURE vs ALIENS in Space Movie Reboot Fan Cast!
Well everyone welcome to your biggest wet dream ever! Indiana Jones is getting a reboot so I have decided to pull off a better reboot idea than those studio smucks will ever think of in a decade! Hit the jump for this wild and wonderful beauty of pleasure and (of course) AMAZING!
The Screen Junkies Show Analyzes and Pokes Fun At The FANTASTIC FOUR Teaser
After the recent release of the Fantastic Four reboot trailer, the Screen Junkies show has taken it upon themselves to not only analyze the trailer, but to poke some fun at it as well.
Why The Word Fun is the Worst Compliment you can Give a Movie.
There are plenty of words one may use to describe a movie, especially a comic book movie. Click to find out why "fun" is the worst word to describe a movie.
SPECTRE Production Updates: Casting For A Big Sequence In México To Begin Soon
Production for the next James Bond adventure is moving along nicely and now they are preparing for their México shoot. Plus, some new shooting details have been revealed. Check it out!
Recently, I've seen some debate on the topic of "Who's run was better?" and "Who should Mamoa take inspiration from?". I want to voice my opinion on the matter. Why? Because I'm Freaking Bored.
Fan Art: Heroes for Hire
Today I wanted to draw someone who I wasn't familiar with.
BATMAN: UNLIMITED and DC SUPER FRIENDS coming soon to your screen
Executives at Warners, DC and Mattel praise developing titles BATMAN: UNLIMITED and DC SUPER FRIENDS. [[note: Mark Julian approved splitting the news and commentary portions into two separate posts]]
Good news for AGENT CARTER fans! Showrunners sign deal with ABC Studios.
While AGENT CARTER isn't renewed yet, her showrunners have signed a pod deal with ABC Studios. This could be a good sign for the show, since a studio wouldn't sign a development deal with showrunners and then kill their projects. Hit the jump for more!
New Trailer For THE FLASH Features New Footage From Next Tuesday's Episode.
A new trailer for The Flash has been released by the CW and it features new footage from next weeks episode as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) seems to be hitting it off with his new date, Linda Park (Malese Jow). Take the jump to check out the new trailer!
Why Spider-Man Deserves To Be At Marvel
Check out why Spider-Man deserves to be at Marvel...
The Inhumans Fan cast
The Inhumans Fan cast
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