EDITORIAL: 'The Force' From STAR WARS – Science or Religion?
Within the fictional galaxy of STAR WARS lies a force that binds and penetrates all of existence together. Fans believed that this Force was a mystical power until the prequel films gave a scientific explanation for it. Is this a mere contradiction or can it be explained?
Darkknight2149’s Most (And Least) Anticipated Upcoming Comic-Based TV Series
What comic book television series should we be anticipating? Which should we be dreading? Allow me to answer that and more...
Darkknight2149's Video Tribute To THE JOKER - 75 Years Of Mayhem
'The Joker' is the mortal enemy of the Dark Knight himself and is the greatest villain in all of comic books. Since 2015 marks the 75th anniversary of the character's creation, I decided to pay tribute to Gotham's most dangerous baddie.
Darkknight2149 Ranks & Reviews: AVENGERS II, ANT-MAN, And FANTASTIC FOUR
The three major comic book films of 2015 have been released, so it's time to take a look and see what this year had to offer us. Could the films be as good as 2014's?
Showrunner Says GOTHAM Season 2 Will Get It Right - New Details On 'Mr. Freeze' & Other Characters
Are you one of the many people who disliked the first season of GOTHAM? Well, you may or may not be in luck. In recent interviews with the press, the cast and crew talk about the second season, stating that it will "get it right," while also telling us what to expect from the show's ever expanding rogues gallery.
EDITORIAL: Will 'Jason Todd' Become 'The Joker' In SUICIDE SQUAD?
A big rumour that is currently circulating the web is that Jared Leto's Joker is actually a crazed Jason Todd. Seeing that this rumour has gained a lot of attention, I think it's time to put this rumour under a magnifying glass.
'Azrael' And 'Calendar Man' Are Coming To GOTHAM
Confirmed by showrunner Bruno Heller in his latest interview, two more familiar characters have just been added to the expanding cast of GOTHAM Season 2.
Darkknight2149's Top 5 Announcements From Comic Con 2015
We got a lot of exciting news, announcements and footage at this year's convention but what was the best of Comic Con 2015? #SDCC
GOTHAM Showrunner Confirms Two More Comic Book Villains For Season 2
Contributing to GOTHAM's ever expanding rogues gallery, showrunner Bruno Heller has confirmed two more Batman villains for Season 2. And yes, they are from the comic books...
Epic 3D Poster For GOTHAM Season 2 Shows Off Gotham's Baddest #SDCC
Brand new posters for the second season of GOTHAM have been spotted at Comic Con 2015 which showing off the season's villains, including the Penguin, Riddler, Tigress and...Mr. Freeze?
Darkknight2149 Ranks & Reviews: The STAR WARS Films (1977-2005 Era)
With the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS just over the horizon, I have decided to rank and review all six films in the original and prequel trilogies. Which film is the best? Which film is the worst?
POLL/DISCUSSION: What Is The Greatest BATMAN: ARKHAM Video Game?
Now that BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT, the highly anticipated conclusion to the ARKHAM franchise, has been released, come and vote/discuss which game in the series is the best of the bunch!
Television News: AGENTS OF SHIELD Spin-Off May Still Happen; 'Amygdala' To Appear In GOTHAM
In a recent spoiler chat, E! Online has the scoop on several of your favourite comic based television series. What could be in store for the next television season?
The Top 10 Villainous Mad Scientists In Comic Books
Join me as I take a look at the best of the many villainous evil doctors that have plagued comic books for generations...
'Batman', 'Superman', And 'The Flash' Save The Day In Live Action HYUNDAI Car Commercial
Why wait until 2016 to see your favourite DC Comics superheroes on the same screen together? Thanks to this (mostly) live action car commercial, you don't have to...
BATMAN V SUPERMAN: You Will Laugh Your Socks Off After Watching This Trailer Mash-Up
Many have criticised the BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer for its seriousness and if you are one of those people, prepare to see the trailer in a much...different manner.
GOTHAM Season 2 Will Focus On 'The Joker' | 'Jerome Valeska' To Return
GOTHAM Season 1 saw the appearance of several possible characters that may potentially become the Joker in the future and we may find out which character will take the cake in the show's upcoming season...
Could 'Fish Mooney' Appear In GOTHAM Season 2 After-all?
Due to Jada Pinkett Smith's announcement that her contract has expired, most of us thought we had seen the last of Fish Mooney in the recent GOTHAM Season 1 finale but it seems that may no longer be the case...
GOTHAM Season 2 Details Reveal More On 'Hugo Strange', 'The Joker' And 'Arkham Asylum'
Thanks to an interview with IGN at WonderCon 2015, we now have a ton of character and story details for Season 2 of the hit series. When can we expect to see the likes of previously confirmed villains Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze? How big of a role will Arkham Asylum play? Hit the jump for more!
The Identity of The ARKHAM KNIGHT Has Finally Been Revealed!! (OLD APRIL FOOLS JOKE)
This was an April Fools joker from the year 2015. This is not to be taken seriously...
EDITORIAL: 10 Moments From The CIVIL WAR Comic That Won't Happen In The Film
As we eagerly anticipate CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, I decided to do a break down of ten moments from the comic that probably won't be adapted in the multi-film MCU Phase 3 adaptation...
Sony Brings SPIDER-MAN To The Marvel Cinematic Universe (darkknight2149 Weighs In)
This week, the huge news broke out that SPIDER-MAN would now be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, courtesy of the current license holder, Sony. My thoughts on this just after the jump...
Now that we finally have a trailer for the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR movie, I give my thoughts on each of this year's batch of Marvel adaptations and what I expect from each of them...
The 10 Greatest Contemporary BATMAN Villains
As Batman's 75th Anniversary draws to a close, I thought I'd explore one of the lesser talked about aspects of the mythology: Batman's contemporary foes. Taking the attention from classics we all know (Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, ETC), let's take a look at some of the Dark Knight's later adversaries...
My Theory On 'The Gentleman' And His Role In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Franchise
Ever since the mysterious "Man In The Shadows" first appeared in 2012's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, there was mass speculation as to who this character is. Now that the mystery is over, here is my theory on what role he brings in the future sequels...