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Ranking The 2014 MARVEL-Based Films
An avid comic book reader of both Marvel and DC, who is unbiased toward all movie studios, ranks and reviews this year's batch of Marvel adaptations...
BEWARE THE BATMAN Season 1 Episode 15 Reckoning
Enemies unite in tonight's episode of BEWARE THE BATMAN. Hit the jump for the episode description and episode stills...
BEWARE THE BATMAN Season 1 Episode 14 Darkness
Following Batman's defeat by the hands of Ra's Al Ghul, a brand new episode of the long delayed animated series BEWARE THE BATMAN airs tonight on Toonami. Hit the jump for a description and stills for tonight's episode!
CROSSOVER BATTLES 2014: Year-In-Review Part 1
The year is half way over, so hit the jump to see the results/statistics of who beat who so far this year!
BEWARE THE BATMAN Season 1 Part 2 Dark Justice Now Available For Pre-Order
A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the final 13 episodes would be coming to home video this fall. Guess what's now available for pre-ordering...
In last week's mid-year finale of CROSSOVER BATTLES, Captain America and the Dark Knight himself clashed in a showdown only one of them was going to walk away from. The best part: YOU decided the winner. Hit the jump for the results!
Who would win in a fight: The Batman (DC Universe) or Captain America (Marvel Comics)? VOTE/DISCUSS NOW!

ALSO: Who won last week-Green Lantern (DC) or The Mandarin (Marvel)? Hit the jump to find out!
BATMAN UNLIMITED To Be A Direct-To-Video Movie?
When BATMAN UNLIMITED was revealed at a licensing expo, most of us Bat-fans speculated that it would be the next Batman-centric animated TV series. Despite this, Legions Of Gotham is now reporting that it's really an animated movie. Hit the jump for more...
CROSSOVER BATTLES: Green Lantern VS The Mandarin!
Who would win in a fight: Green Lantern (DC Earth 2) OR The Mandarin (Marvel)? VOTE/DISCUSS!

ALSO: Who won last week-Vampirella (Misc.) or Blade (Marvel)? Hit the jump to find out!
BATMAN UNLIMITED: Thoughts/Breakdown
This is a breakdown on the potential BATMAN UNLIMITED animated series and what we could probably expect...
BEWARE THE BATMAN: Is This Concept Art  For 'The Joker'?
This is something I think a lot of people(myself included) probably missed but looking back at old BEWARE THE BATMAN concept art, there is either The Joker or someone who look's exactly like him. Hit the jump to see it for yourself...
BEWARE THE BATMAN Season 1 Part 2-Dark Justice Coming To Blu-Ray and DVD
While we may only have to wait until July for brand new episodes of the controversial TV series to air, the show's second home video collection has been revealed. Hit the jump to find out when you can own BEWARE THE BATMAN Season Part 2 on Blu-Ray/DVD!
CROSSOVER BATTLES: Vampirella VS Blade The Vampire Hunter!
The wait is over! Who will win this fight-Blade (Marvel Knights) Or Vampirella (Vampirella Comics)? VOTE/DISCUSS NOW!
ALSO: Who won the last fight-the Nova Corps (Marvel) Or Green Lantern Corps (DC)? Hit the jump to find out!
CROSSOVER BATTLES: Green Lantern Corps VS The Nova Corps!
Who would win in a war: The Nova Corps (Marvel Comics) or The Green Lantern Corps (DC Universe)? VOTE/DISCUSS NOW!

ALSO: Who won last time-Robocop (misc.) or Judge Dredd (2000 AD)? Hit the jump to find out!
New  BEWARE THE BATMAN Stills Leak-First Look At 'Two-Face' and 'The Key'
A lot of stills for upcoming BEWARE THE BATMAN episodes have been hitting the web lately. This particular batch shows off Two-Face, The Key, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, the Monarch Theatre, and more!
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