My X-Verse Group Manips
A few manips of groups from the X-Verse that I created with past casting and the X-Men film series idea that was posted here a while back.
BlackCat1's X-Men Film Series Idea
Just some ideas I have for an X-Men film series that would consist of 6 movies.
BlackCat1's MANIPS
More Marvel and DC manips
BlackCat1 casts 190+3 MARVEL CHARACTERS pt.3
This is the shortest fancast out of the four.
BlackCat1 casts 190+3 MARVEL CHARACTERS pt.2
I decided to do this in four parts.
BlackCat1 cast 190 MARVEL CHARACTERS pt.1
Couldn't finish it I had to go somewhere....part 2 coming soon
BlackCat1's Marvel and DC MANIPS
Some of my best work IMO.
BlackCat1's Static Shock casting
Casting the Static Shock cartoon that I just recently started watching again on Disney XD...
Recasting ... Buffy
I hope you people won't get mad at me!
Random X-Men Casting
BlackCat1 presents X-Men casting done right!