Why Such an Impressive Movie Lineup in 2012 isn't a good thing
2012 has a lineup of what will be fantastic movies, from TDKR, The Hobbit and The Avengers. But are these movies good for us as an audience?
10 Things that could make a Flash movie realistic
The Flash movie is supposed to be coming out very soon. The character is one that is not entirely belivable, being able to run at the speed of light and even able to vibrate his molecules through walls, what is going to make it realistic...
Fan Cast: The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is an incredible Comic that is in the runs to get a TV Show. This is who i want for the core people people. ( I'm sure i forgot some characters, if there is a character you want casted tell me.)
Mat Damon is not a good idea for Cap. America
Everyone here thinks Mat Damon is a perfect choice for Stever Rogers. I have to say, NAY!
FAN CAST: My Fan Pics for superheroes in general
With so many comic book movies coming out I make myself a casting director.
well here you go
freakybatman's Review of Sherlock Holmes
The movie Sherlock Holmes released on Christmas of last year was a movie that everyone wanted to see...
Kanye West Aproves of Superheroes
Kanye West is into superhero fashion!
Watchmen Skins for LIttle Big Planet
The PS3 game Litte Big Planet will soon be getting new skins for the characters. The skins will be based off of the Watchmen Costumes.
Freaky Batman's Review of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
I know there have been many reviews, but most of them have been positive. I want a more realistic review of the movie.