First Trailer for BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM Debuts
The first trailer for WB Animation's take on the Rocksteady Arkham Asylum games has surfaced online. The trailer reveals that not only are Harley Quinn and the Joker in Batman: Assault on Arkham, but so are Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad!
COMICS: Ocean Master is Coming to the New 52 in AQUAMAN #14
At the conclusion of "The Others" Aquaman saga, a familiar foe turns up in the New 52 to take his shot at the rightful King of Atlantis.
COMICS: EARTH 2 Atom's New Look
Issue 4 of EARTH 2 debuts Al Pratt in the New 52, check out his new design after the jump
Two Stills from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Released in High-Resolution!
A hi-res, unwatermarked version of a previously seen picture of Curt Connors has been released along with a new picture of Peter Parker from the upcoming reboot.
My Thoughts on Upcoming CBMs
Frogman shares his thoughts on upcoming CBMs.
First Official Photos of The Losers
Check out the first photos of DC/Vertigo's The Losers adaptation!
Frogman Casts Hawkman Movie
My ideas for a cast of a Hawkman film.
Lou Ferrigno Says Hulk is in the Avengers Movie!
I stumbled across a "Nuke the Fridge" interview that may (or may not) confirm that the Hulk will in fact appear in the Avengers.
Frogman Casts Wonder Woman Movie
I'm not going to explain each choice because mostly its because I think they have the ability to pull off the roles and a lot of them also look the part in my eyes.
Frogman Casts Aquaman Movie
My cast for an Aquaman movie...