ryanjdrf1992 Reviews: MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS
I got to see a preview showing of The Avengers here in Chicago. Yeah...I've seen it.
Plane Crash on Avengers Set?
Friend says he was involved in an Avengers movie plane crash scene.
The Dark Knight Fan Poster (and it is THE best. period.)
So as I was running around the internet looking for pictures to post on my blog article...
Jon Meets Kenneth - What Could it Mean?
On his Twitter page yesterday John Favreau (director of Iron Man) stated that he met and had lunch with Kenneth Branagh (director of Thor). I instantly wondered if this could mean anything.
Guillermo Del Toro Heading Dr. Strange?
Empire recently interviewed Guillermo and he talked about an interesting new project - Marvel's Dr. Strange.
The Flash... Have we forgotten about him?
I just recently bought and read THE FLASH: REBIRTH, and it occured to me that for a movie in production there has been little to no news about this guy at all.