My Personal Prediction For AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
With the final trailer released, theories, rumors and predictions are inescapable. Continue on to read my take on what I believe may happen in Marvel Studios' upcoming sequel to The Avengers.
Following the announcement that Hideo Kojima made at PAX about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the 11 minutes of footage released, we've now got an extended look at the gameplay and features new to the Metal Gear Solid Series! Now in HD Quality!
ATTENTION AVENGERS FANS: Shawarma T-Shirts are now on Sale!
That's Right! Embrace your inner fanboy and get to rockin' this awesome Tee and become a living pop culture reference!
FAN ART: Wonder Woman Drawing by the Freak!
Due to the insufficient amount of fan art here in CBM's fan fic section, I've decided to help out and get fan fic back in it's rightful place, and to help cut down the amount of redundancies of which is that of Fan Casts.
New Announcements for the upcoming Walking Dead Action Figures by McFarlane!
Make the jump to see the new Walking Dead action figures featuring characters such as the fan favorite Shane, Glenn, and of course ZOMBIES!
Behold, The Mighty Thor!
I recentely have gotten ahold of The God of Thunder's Doppleganger! And may I add, this Homosuperior holds thy Mjolnir with acceptionally titular power!
The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Trailer Re-Edited!
Did anyone else find the latest Video Game trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hideous? If so, check out my take on the audio that should've been used in the trailer!
EDITORIAL: Putting the Pieces Together: Marvel Studios, The Avengers.
Hopefully, what will be a re-occuring segment on my Fan Page, Putting it Together, today I will go through all the images, trailers, clips and theories on Marvel Studios', The Avengers! Click the link for more!
Could The Avengers director Joss Whedon actually tip the bucket on Black Widow?
In a recent interview with MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS: BLACK WIDOW STRIKES, writer Fred Van Lente let slip that Widow's death could very well happen. Click the link for more info!
What Super, or not so Superhero, or villian would you like to see sketched?
Getting bored at work happens quite often so I draw, the thing is, I need help on what to draw?
New footage for a Halo movie?
As I sit on my couch at 12:00 at night I come across new footage for a Halo short film series!
Which Superhero are you?
If you could, which Super Hero would you be?