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Pirates 4 Director Confirmed
Gore Verbinsky is out and Rob Marshall is in.
Good vs. Bad: What makes a good actor?
What is it that makes us like or dislike an actor? Here's a brief look at it.
ecksmanfan reviews A Christmas Carol
Yes, I know, it's not a CBM. But a lot of people are going to see it and I know there are some Zemeckis fans on here.
Best CBM Sountrack
Which Comic Book movie do you think has the best soundtrack to it?
Comic Con Co-founder, Sheldon Dorf, Died Today
The founder of the San Diego Comic-Con passed away at age 76.
The Heroes Death is revealed
It was reported that a character on the TV show "Heroes" would be whacked this year...continue on to see who it is! SPOILER ALERT!!!!
Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Females!
I'm pretty sure this has been done before, but with exorbitant amount of "boob" pics popping up in the comment sections of articles (Thanks LEEE and Multi, and anyone else participating), I figured a few more wouldn't hurt!
ecksmanfan casts the Justice League
Everyone else has done their Justice League cast, so it's my turn now!
Top 25 Horror/Suspense Films
Aside from being a comic book/CBM fan, I'm also a huge follower of the horror film genre. I have compiled a list of my Top 25 favorite horror films.
Sequels, Continuations & Reboots...Oh my!
Is there a difference? Stay with me as I ramble about this topic.
Paranormal Activity, according to ecksmanfan
A lot of hype on this film. Does it live up to it?
ecksmanfan reviews Let the Right One In
Vampire fan? You need to see this film!
ecksmanfan reviews Zombieland
Is it the next Shaun of the Dead?
The Great Costume Debate
Ever since we got our first taste of the X-Men on the big screen in 2000, we've all been debating: Costumes or no Costumes?
ecksmanfan Reviews Superman/Batman Public Enemies
With all the high quality animated feature films that both DC and Marvel are releasing, how does this one stack up?
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