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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Release Bumped Up to June 29th
The third and final film in Michael Bay's Transformers franchise now has an earlier release date. Now we can bask in the explosions a bit earlier than planned!
Superman actor Jackie Cooper- Dead at 88
The actor who famously portrayed Perry White in the 1978 Superman film has passed away at the age of 88
Baddies That Need Movie Love: Ventriloquist & Scarface
Installment number 6 of "Baddies That Need Movie Love" takes us back to the world of Batman and Gotham City and we get a two-for-one special with the Ventriloquist and his alter ego Scarface.
Supernatural Season 7 Looking Promising, Plus Season Finale Info
Another season of Supernatural is looking promising, plus a bit of information regarding this season's finale episodes, airing May 20th
Television Shows You Should Be Concerned About
TV Guide has put together a list of television shows that are on the verge of being cancelled and yes, there are some geek favorites that could be on the chopping block this year.
Weinstein's Suing Relativity Media Over The Crow Remake
The Crow remake has already had it's fair share of stumbles and delays, now it looks as if studios will be joining the fight, this time over the distribution rights to The Crow property.
Monster Brawl Site Launched, New Poster Revealed
A new website, as well as the first poster for the film have emerged. Check out the new info for what is sure to be a film full of cheesy goodness.
Ghost Rider is Not Above the Law; Nic Cage Arrested in New Orleans
The star of the upcoming Ghost Rider film was arrested in Louisiana this morning.
Baddies That Need Movie Love: Black Tom Cassidy
In Part 5 of my on-going series "Baddies That Need Movie Love," I'll examine the bad ass known as Black Tom; a man who has challenged the X-Men multiple times and has advanced his powers to become a very formidable foe.
Can You Name 235 Star Trek 8-Bit?
Take a look at this poster, created by John Martz, that features 235 of your favorite Star Trek characters, all in the retro-glorious 8-Bit style!
The ABC's of Super Heroes
For those members of CBM that have little geeks in the family, I have com across the perfect teaching tool if they are just starting out. Or for those of us geeks who refuse to grow up, it would make a great addition to your collection
FAN ART: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!
Take a look at this incredible rendering of Anne Hathaway all gussied up in tight clothing! Have your attention yet?
World War Z May Be Dead
The film adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z may be dead where it stands if Paramount doesn't find a co-financier. Check the link for more info!
More Information on Why Aronofsky Left The Wolverine
His family may not be the reason for him abandoning the project. Could Fox's ever-present pressure be the real reasoning?
Alan Tudyk Joins Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Alan Tudyk will be joining the ever-growing cast of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' Keep on clicking to see which historical figure he will be portraying in the film!
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