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Santa gets Revenge in X-Mas Origins: Santa
Santa gets revenge on the the folks who took away his kid and hid wife in this incredible Mash-Up video.
A Look Back at Those Who Have Passed in 2010
I thought it would be interesting to see which celebrities have passed on in 2010, so I've compiled a list of those who have passed on.
Coming Soon: The Best of CBM 2010!
A sneak peek at your chance to choose the Best of Comic Book Movie for 2010!
Monster Brawl Movie Stills
A bit of love for the Horror Movie fans here at CBM. Here are some stills from the recently-wrapped film Monster Brawl
POLL RESULTS: Best Animated Television Series
The votes have been counted and I wish I had some surprises for you, but....I don't!
Underworld 4 Goes Swedish for its Directors
It seems that Sweden is the "it" country these days when it comes to films. Underworld 4 looks to sign two Swedish directors.
UPDATED POLL: Best Animated Television Series
There have been many animated television series based on our favorite comic book characters. Here's your chance to pick your favorite!
ecksmanfan Reviews Disney's Tangled
At the request of the almighty Galactus, I had the pleasure of viewing Tangled last night, so here is the review of Disney's latest animated feature.
Charlie Sheen in Expendables Sequel?
The troubled star is rumored to be the latest addition to Stallone's testosterone-filled sequel
Wolverine 2 Plot Info and Character Descriptions Revealed
Some of the minor plot details as well as the main character descriptions have been revealed for the upcoming Wolverine 2 movie!
Transformers: The Dark of the Moon Plot Revealed
The plot for Michael "Boom-Boom" Bay's final film in the Transformers series has hit in a rather odd place.
AMC's Fear Fest Lead-In Scedule to The Walking Dead Premier
A bit of love for the fans of the Horror Film Genre! Here's a look at AMC's schedule for the 2010 "Fear Fest!"
FAN TRAILER: X-Men: First Class
A cool fan-made trailer for the increasingly controversial X-Men: First Class film due out next year.
Two More Added to Spidey Love Interest List - PLUS Venom Returning?
Two more actresses are added to the list of potential love interests for Andrew Garfield's Spider Man. And a new VENOM rumor as well!
ecksmanfan Reviews Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
A look at the latest animated feature from DC Comics and Warner Brothers
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