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Star Wars Saga to be Re-Released in 3D
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, hitting theaters in 2012, will be the first of the six films to be released in the new format
Disney Setting up a TRON: Uprising
What are the future plans for the TRON franchise? Could we be seeing a sequel to the soon to be released TRON:Legacy?
Black Widow Solo Film in the Works
Marvel Execs have already begun discussing the project with actress Scarlett Johnassen to reprise her role as Black Widow in a solo film
ecksmanfan reviews Devil
A look at the first film in The Night Chronicles, produced by M. Night Shyamalan
Three New Teasers for AMC's The Walking Dead
Take a look at three new teasers promoting AMC's much anticipated graphic novel adaptation of The Walking Dead
Transformers 3 Extra Seriously Injured
An extra on the film was seriously injured while performing a stunt
DVD Review: ecksmanfan reviews The Losers
Didn't get to this one at the theaters, but here's a review of the DVD
Yahoo! Features a Gallery of Comic Con Costumes
Take a look at some of the fan costumes from this year's Comic Con in San Diego. Anyone we know in there?
Bill Murray: Ghostbusters 3 is Dead
The star of the first two Ghostbusters films says that the much anticipated third film is "dead."
More Street Fighter Films Are Headed Our Way...No Really.
In the WTF news segment, it looks as though Capcom is toying with the idea of doing more films in the franchise.
10 More Baddies I Want To See On-Screen
My second part to my previous article on Villains I'd like to see on the big screen.
ecksmanfan reviews Predators
Adrian for Arnold and Withers for Topher- what a trade off! How does this film hold up against the original classic?
ecksmanfan reviews Despicable Me
I'll get to Predators eventually, but in the mean time, here's my review of Despicable Me
Are Beavis and Butthead Making a return?
The once popular duo may be back on MTV.
Poll: Best Animated CBM...Part 2
We're down to the top FOUR. It's time to determine the BEST CBM of all time!
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