COMICS: It's Future Flash vs. Reverse Flash In THE FLASH: FUTURES END #1 Preview
Another week, another set of Futures End one-shots, and one of the most intriguing titles to advance five years is The Flash. Hit the jump to check out a preview, which sees the Scarlet Speeder of the distant future battle Reverse Flash; plus, Wally West suits up!
ANIME : First Attack on Titan OVA trailer Named A Choice With No Regrets Released
All of you attack on titan fans will want to hit the jump to see the first trailer for the new two part ova.
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
UPDATED: With the recent success of Guardians of the Galaxy, I think now is a better time than ever to develop a new Scooby Doo! film franchise. Come check out my thoughts and ideas!
FAN MADE: Nice Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice Trinity art
Another great looking art brings us the DC trinity side by side...but not united, check it out after the jump to see this art bring each hero to their domain.
New TEEN TITANS GO Clip Released- Sandwich Thief
In this weeks episode of Teen Titans Go!, Robin's sandwich gets stolen and he is willing to find out who stole it at any cost...ANY COST! Hit the jump to check out Robin's first move to find the thief! Check it out!
COMICS: Humans Battle It Out With The Aliens In This Preview Of PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE #2
A research crew researches the foreign planet the Engineers once lived on. But just when they think things are fine, the Aliens strike and the battle ensues! Hit the jump to check out this new preview for Prometheus: FIRE AND STONE #2!
Find out how the Second Shift team gains key information in their pursuit of the evil Turmoil team.
CBM.Com Tournament Death Battle! ROUND 4 TOP DC FAN
THE FINALS!vote in this historic match as we're about to close the chapter on the most savage tournament fought online by grown men over a fake prize, after these matches we will go onto THE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, the match that everyone, yes all 5 of you have been waiting for! vote after the jump!
Skillet- Not Gonna Die (Green Arrow Video Mix)
The video of the 2013 single with additional various footages that features the iconic emerald archer in TV & animation.
Deadpool Movie Ideas
There's gonna be a million of these so let's get this over with....
Within Temptation feat. Xzibit- And We Run (The Flash Video Mix)
The video of the 2014 EP single with additional various footages that features the iconic scarlet speedster in TV & animation.
Amazing LEGO Art Volume 1. The Batman
Check out this great LEGO art that brings us multiple incarnations of the caped Crusader, as we get different versions of the dark knight from 1966, 1989, TDK trilogy and even the current Batfleck! check it out after the jump to see this awesome art!
EDITORIAL: Five Possible Future Marvel One-Shots
Marvel One-Shots are often used to give fan-favourite characters some much needed love. So join CBM's favourite alien RebelVulcan as he lists five possible one-shots and the characters they should focus on. Enjoy!
BEWARE THE BATMAN Season 1 Episode 19 Animal
His name is Killer Croc and he's top "dog" at Blackgate Prison. Stills and description for tonight's episode ahead...
FAN MADE: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne/ Flashpoint Batman from BVS
We get a pretty neat look at what Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan would look like if BVS would be based in the Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice Universe as we see Thomas Wayne dawn the cape & Cowl as "Flashpoint" Batman, check it out after the jump.
UPDATE! Robbie Amell Is Ready To Play FIRESTORM On The CW's FLASH
Robbie Amell just shared this picture to his Facebook page of himself wearing the mandatory gear for motion capture on his face. Could Firestorm be getting an accurate translation from comic to screen? Plus a look at where Firestorm gets his powers!
Hit the jump to check out Captain America, The Hulk, Vision, Thor and all you other favorite Avengers in this new fan made poster for Avengers: Age Of Ultron designed by T'Challa! Update! Now with Falcon added!
How the Spider-Man franchise can get back on its feet
Sinister Six, Venom and possibly Black Cat? How Sony can get the Spider-Man franchise back on its feet? Use your mouse to click and check it out!
Marvel Phase Three: Civil War and The Infinity Gauntlet?
Could both storylines work in Marvel's Phase Three? Use your mouse and click!
EDITORIAL: How Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds Can Make a Good 'Deadpool' Movie
As we all know, Deadpool is getting a movie in about a year and a half. People want many things, and rightfully so. To add to that, BatmanHeisenberg is here to add his two cents about the upcoming movie! Hit the jump for more!