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RUMOR: Damian Lewis Is The Frontrunner To Be The Next James Bond
"Are you a gambling man, Mr. Bond?" According to bookmakers in the UK, Damian Lewis (Homeland) is the odds-on favorite to be the next 007. Keep in mind, this is not word from MGM or Sony, but it is interesting that this actor is such a strong favorite (maybe someone has an inside source?). Check it out!
David Goyer Teases CONSTANTINE Season 2 Plans
A pitch for a second season of Constantine with NBC took place a few days ago. David S. Goyer teased potential season 2 details on Twitter. Fans will be excited about one of the tweets, which mentions what supernatural heroes would appear in the second season (if the show is renewed). Check it out!
Mitch Pileggi To Return As Walter Skinner For THE X-FILES Mini-Series
It looks like The X-Files mini-series gets a familiar face in the form of Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). The actor announced his return via Twitter. Click the link to check it out!
CONSTANTINE Not Cancelled Yet, NBC To Decide On Season 2 In May!
It turns out the TV series Constantine, much like the character John Constantine himself, doesn’t quit when things look bleak. The creator of Constantine, took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question regarding the future of the show. His answer is sure to give fans some much needed hope!
COMICS: James Bond To Get A New Comic Series In 2015!
The lady loving super-spy will get a new comic book series in 2015 courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. Click the link for more intel!
Stan Lee Has Some Words For David Goyer After His Comments On SHE-HULK
Stan "The Man" Lee who co-created the character, She-Hulk, has a great rebuttal for David S. Goyer after his very questionable She-Hulk rant. Click the link to see what Stan Lee had to say in response to the writer/producer.
John Carpenter's 1986 cult classic "Big Trouble in Little China" is set to get the comic book treatment. The company responsible for bringing us this series will be BOOM! Studios(Die Hard: Year One). Click the link to check out the announcement teaser image!
Military's Real-Life Version Of Iron Man Suit Nearing Testing Phase
News stories about the military's development of high-tech suits of armor which would imbue soldiers with superhuman abilities abounded during the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Well now, reports say they will be ready to test this summer.
EDITORIAL: DC Vs. Marvel... Why Not Both?
I know there have been editorials about this very subject in the past, but the truth is, I've been wanting to do my own article about the unnecessary DC vs. Marvel competition(more like war) among fans for quite some time. And I feel it's the perfect time to do it.
Michael B. Jordan In Early Talks To Star In MGM's ROCKY Spin-Off CREED
Chronicle's Michael B. Jordan is in negotiations to play Apollo Creed's grandson in a Rocky spin-off movie. Sylvester Stallone will return as Rocky Balboa to train Apollo Creed's grandson into becoming a boxing champion for the next-generation. Yes, this is comic book related. Click the link for details!
Psychiatrist Says Become Your Own Superhero! After Watching MAN OF STEEL
An accredited psychotherapist extrapolates lessons learned by Clark Kent on his journey and struggle to become the man he was always destined to be in Man of Steel, to inspire people to become their own "Superman" or "Superwoman." Click the link to read his great advice.
RUMOR: Big Screen Adaption Of MACGYVER TV Series Has A Director!
The hit 80's action/adventure TV series has long been rumored to receive the big screen treatment. It looks like this project may be real after all, as a director has now possibly been tapped to helm Mac's feature film outing. Click the link for details!
EDITORIAL: Female Superheroes Deserve Their Own Blockbuster Movies!
A guy's perspective on the shocking lack of well done big screen adaptions for female comic book superheroes. My thoughts on why movie studios are hesitant, what superheroines would translate well to the big screen, and why comic book companies are missing out on such an important demographic, women!