We have alredy seen the third Infinity Gem and it was there the whole time
You probably alredy know about two of them but i know a third one and it was in front of our faces this whole time.
COMICS:  LARFLEEZE #10 First Cosmic Look!
Orange Lantern Larfleeze takes on G'nort from the Green Lantern Corps by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League International). You just know this is gonna be a must buy!
WAREHOUSE 13 Secret Services Video Teaser & Sneak Peak
While Pete and Myka investigate drowning incidents on dry land, Artie and Claudia try to find out more about Claudia's sister. Check out the next video promo and more from the last season of Warehouse 13's second episode...
How Man of Steel could have been better
The new movie of superman was released last year, so how man of steel could have became a better movie despite its mixed reviews ? Read the article to find out.
As we all know, Batman Arkham Knight takes place 1 year after the events in Batman Arkham City as well as the Joker's death. The events in Batman Arkham Knight take place on the Dark Knight's ninth year on Halloween Night and here, Batman must finish what he started since the beginning of his journey and put an end to the endless supervillain threats once and for all!
Godzilla director Gareth Edwards explains the process of bring the iconic screen legend to life at WonderCon Saturday in Anaheim.
The CBM Awards Announcement
Plus Short Reviews of the Movies that have come out so far this year, all categories in which movies can be nominated and all of the movies that have the potential to be nominated...
Do It Yourself: MCU Phase 3 (Update)
I explain what I think should happen in the highly anticipated Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
This is my review of the not so amazing Spider-Man 2 there are several spoilers so read on at your own risk.
The All New CBMZ
Short little fan fic look at, what if the world of CBMs had a program like TMZ...
Iron Man 3's Iron Patriot Suit Altered *Photoshop*
The Iron Patriot suit from Iron Man 3 altered to resemble the colors from the suit in the comics.
Fan Fic: Tales from the Supermax....7
Check out the latest entry into the Supermax series, and find out what the Green Goblin thinks about CBM.com.
Fan Art:  Pheonix
Decided to step out of my comfort zone and sketch a female character...check it out!
Fan cast: casting CBM users as Superheroes
Today I will cast a handful of CBM users as superheroes and villains. So shall we begin?
That's right both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck were seen out in public today!
Hit the jump to see the pictures.
With Great Power: Fight Choreography Test
After a lot of positive feedback on my ideas for a Spider-Man short film, I decided that I'm gonna do this thing. For anybody who wants to go through the journey with me, it starts here...
Why Fans Should Be Excited About The Worlds Finest!
Did any of the fans like Man of Steel?
GODZILLA Faces MUTO Kaiju In LQ WonderCon Footage
Someone was bold enough to record and upload the extended Godzilla sequence shown at WonderCon today, which ends with the King of the Monsters facing off with the Muto Kaiju! Check it out!
SpiderMiles Reviews The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Hey! Spider-Miles here, with a Review on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It contains both a Non(well minor)Spoiler part and a Spoiler part, so read it if you dare!
Anthony Mackie's MCU Falcon in the Classic Red & White *Photoshop*
Falcon's Winter Soldier uniform Photoshopped to resemble the classic comic book costume with the red and white. Mackie's potential look for Captain America 3.
First Look: Stills from Ryan Gosling's Directorial Debut - LOST RIVER
Previously titled "How to Catch a Monster", the first images from the dark fantasy have appeared online...and they're intriguing to say the least. Hit the jump to have a peek at what Gosling has in store for his directorial debut.
COMICS: Francis Manapul Talks Characters & Mystery in DETECTIVE COMICS
The team behind the New 52 Flash has transferred from Central City to Gotham, and co-writer/artist Francis Manapul sat down at WonderCon '14 to talk about their run. Check out a 7-minute interview after the jump.
How Did The X-Men Die? Part 1
We know how a few of the countless mutants met their end however how did some of the most recognizable mutants meet their maker?
Singer vs Eagan:  In defence of Niether
While this article doesn't really belong on this site, with four out of every five users on here blindly defending either Singer or Eagan, while tossing the facts out the window, I feel this article is necessary.