Kevin Smith To Direct YOGA HOSERS
The film will star Johnny Depp, Smith's daughter, Depp's daughter, Justin Long, Ralph Garman, Jason Mewes, Adam Brody and several others. But what exactly is Yoga Hosers? Click here to find out.
AQUAMAN -- Are We Starting Off The Right Way?
Aquaman, Aquaman, does whatever an… aqua can. Talks to fish, any size, if only his writers didn’t burn my eyes. Look out! Here comes the Aquaman.
Warner Bros. Secures Rights To DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN
The 22 novel series could be the next fantasy epic for WB, in the wake of the Harry Potter and Middle Earth films. Check it out.
TV Critics And Bloggers React To GOTHAM
FOX's Gotham pilot screened last night in Los Angeles and New York for various outlets. Click here to find out what folks from the Los Angeles Times, the AP, HitFix and more had to say!
EDITORIAL: An Open Letter To El Mayimbe Of Latino-Review
A brief discussion of the successes and failures of Umberto "El Mayimbe" Gonzalez, as it mostly pertains to comic book movie news we can't get enough of.