COMICS: New Pages From Tom Taylor and Yildary Cinar's SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1
We saw a couple of inked pages from Tom Taylor and Yildary Cinar's Superior Iron Man #1, and now CBR have debuted a few more, including colours by Guru FX. Check it out!
COMICS: Check Out Artwork From The First Few Pages Of SUPERIOR IRON MAN
We've seen the cover already, but now some unlettered preview pages for Superior Iron Man #1 have made their way online, and they reveal that Tony Stark will be joined by She-Hulk in this issue -- but will they be battling a common enemy...or each other?
COMICS: Tony Stark Going Dark For SUPERIOR IRON MAN Is A Bit Extremis
Are you someone that detests change? Well, if you're also a Marvel Comics fan then you may not be happy to see all the changes that Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are currently going through. Come find out about Superior Iron Man.
MERCH: Check Out Hot Toys' Iron Man Mk XLI Bones Armor From IRON MAN 3
Being an Iron Man fan sure isn't cheap! Hot Toys have now unveiled their latest figure based on one of the many armours seen in Shane Black's Iron Man 3, and like its big screen counterpart, the "Bones" armour collectible splits apart and reforms. Hit the jump to check it out!
IRON MAN 3 Sucked, And Here's Why...
As someone who is rather vocal about their hatred for what could have been another solid edition into the Iron Man trilogy, I finally decided to compile my thoughts into what should be a rather short editorial. Click the jump to check it out.
Guy Pearce Initially Turned Down IRON MAN 3 Role
His reason is not at all surprising and one that is now expected of Marvel Studios, but Guy Pearce revealed during a recent interview that he almost turned down his Iron Man 3 role as Aldrich Killian.
IRON MAN 3: Python (Mark XX) Collectible Figure By Hot Toys - Exclusive 2014 ACGHK Toy Fair.
Besides showcasing The Joker (Bank Robber V. 2.0) exclusively at ACGHK Toy Fair, Hot Toys will also have another exclusive, the Iron Man Python Armor (Mark XX) from Iron Man 3's Iron Legion. Check it out.
Hot Toys: IRON MAN - Silver Centurion Figurine
Check out these pretty amazing photos by bloogers for Hot Toys' rendition of the Iron Man 3: Silver Centurion armor.
Jon Favreau Says Marvel Didn't Have Much Faith In Robert Downey Jr As IRON MAN
Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man is arguable one of the greatest casting choices by Marvel, despite them nit initially believing in the idea of the casting according to director Jon Favreau.
Guy Pearce Reflects On IRON MAN 3's Mandarin Twist
It's been over a year since the release of Iron Man 3 and we've had some ups and downs when it comes to the personal feelings of many Mandarin fans around the world. As we know the Mandarin was not who we expected and now Guy Pearce shares his thoughts on the renowned twist.
While Iron Man 4 is yet to happen, recent reports claim that it may already be in production and set to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3. Now, before Kevin Feige and his staff even gets started with the film, everything in this article is what we want him to include in Iron Man 4 and it has to be sent over to him straight away!
Jon Favreau On The Possibility Of Robert Downey Jr. Returning For IRON MAN 4
Not that he actually knows anything for certain, but during a video interview for his new movie Chef the Iron Man 2 director says that he's about to go pay a visit to the Avengers: AOU set, and that he'd like to see RDJ return to the long as he still fits in the suit!
Tamashii Japan Reveals SHFiguarts For IRON MAN MARK 42 & IRON PATRIOT
Following last year's release of the Iron Man Mark 6 & War Machine, Tamashii Japan has revealed the latest additions to their SHFiguarts premiere action figure series: Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot. Come check out the extremely detailed figures now!
COMICS: Tony Beats Up The Dark Elves In IRON MAN #26 Preview
The conclusion to "The Rings of the Mandarin" sees Tony and Malekith go head to head...who will come out on top? Check out the preview to Kieron Gillen's Iron Man #26 with a lovely cover by Mike Del Mundo.
MARVEL: Is This How Avi Arad Reacquired IRON MAN Film Rights?
Recently, Avi Arad ("The Amazing Spider-Man 2"), former Chairman/CEO of Marvel Studios, has been seeking credit for launching the Marvel cinematic universe. A source for Latino Review has new details about Arad's efforts to reacquire Iron Man.
What Iron Man 2 means to me
This is just an article looking back at the film and expressing what i think of it mostly.
Robert Downey Jr. posts NEW pic of IRON MAN
Providing a crystal clear look at ol'shell head, could this picture have anything to do with Avengers: Age of Ultron? Hit the jump
First Look At Robert Downey Jr. On The AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Set
This is just a bit of fun really, but Robert Downey Jr. has tweeted out a BTS snap from the set of Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel. He's sporting the trademark Tony Stark facial hair (& a very snazzy shirt), and is posing with producer Jeremy Latcham...
6 Reasons Robert Downey Jr Should Not Be Replaced As Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr could be replaced as Tony Stark. Is he irreplaceable? Hear are six reasons why he should not be replaced.
What 'Iron Man 3' Means To Me
'Iron Man 3' is a film that means a lot to me as both a fan and a person. It did something no other film has done before. Here I explain exactly what that was.
Check Out A Life-Size IRON MAN Suit... Made Of Cardboard!
Hit the Jump to take a look at this extremely cool, full size Iron Man suit made entirely out of cardboard. The amazing part is, it's entirely wearable! Talented 20-year old cardboard master Kai-Xiang Xhong from Taiwan designed the suit, as well as many other cool pieces of art.
My thoughts during the film Iron Man 3
Just remember this was entirely made for pure fun, not to create a flame war or make let you know about my hate for this movie. But if you want you can freak out in the comments section because that’s what makes the internet fun and interesting.
EDITORIAL: Why the Mandarin in IRON MAN 3 is a Missed Opportunity
We all know how Mandarin was handled in Iron Man 3. Despite departing from the source material, which is fine, I talk about why it was a missed opportunity.
Are you in the market for the HOT TOYS Iron Patriot Collectible Bust? Then you have come to the right place. I will break down the good and the bad about this piece and let you know if you need to drop some cash on it!