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Marvel Comics Crash Ryan Is In Development
Producer Ryan Heppe will be bringing us another Marvel character to the big screen in the near future.
Norman Lee Comic Book Artist for Marvel is Presumed Dead
The search for Norman Lee a artist for Marvel Comics is presumed dead from snorkeling in the Cayman Islands since Thursday.
Is Disney Creating Their Own Shared Universe?
With the great success of the MCU since IronMan looks like several movie studios are trying to copy that success, and that also may include Disney themselves. Yes the parent company of Marvel may be connecting all their films around one movie The Little Mermaid and a sunken ship. Read on for details.......I promise it will not make you into a Disney Princess!
Hilarious New Title Sequence For THE GAME OF THRONES
The Wil Wheaton Project have decided to take our beloved Game of Thrones and mix into a classic 70s theme song we are all familiar with.
Movie Trailer Voiceover Legend Hal Douglas Dead At 89
Hal Douglas, the voice of countless movies trailers, died at the age of 89. He will be remembered for his famous voice in movie trailers for the likes of: "Forrest Gump", "Men In Black", "Lethal Weapon", and many more. Hit the jump to pay tribute to this legend.
The Honeymooners Sheila MacRae Dead at 93!
The iconic show "The Honeymooners" Sheila MacRae who played Alice Kramden had died at the age of 93.
HOGAN'S HEROES Sexy Nazi Secy Cynthia Lynn Passes at the age of 76
The actress who played the beloved Fraulein Helga the Colonel Klink's secretary on "Hogan's Heroes" has died at the age of 76.
Post-Punk & New Wave Rock Stars Reimagined as Superheroes.
This is a little old, but see some of your favorite DC Superheroes reimagined or portrayed by some the most famous post-punk and new rock stars. Also this is in memory of a fallen star who died today from the new wave group DEVO's Bob Casale who died of heart failure.
UPDATE! MOS 2: Batsuit Reveal Pushed Back To March? Wonder Woman Costume Described
Mark Hughes, a blogger for Forbes, gave us a rumor that Warner Bros. was going to reveal the long anticipated Bat Suit and WW suit from Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel in a matter of days. That may not be the case anymore! Read on for more details.
Last Female Munchkin Dies at the Age of 95!!!!!!!
Ruth Robinson Duccini last surviving female munchkin from the famous classic "Wizard of Oz" died today at the age of 95.
Partridge Family star David Madden Passes Away at 82.
Dave Madden who played the band manager for the classic show "The Partridge Family" has passed away at the age of 82.
Russell Johnson of Gilligan's Island Passes Away.
Actor Russell Johnson dies at the age of 89 and he was the last surviving male castaway from Gilligan's Island that ran from 1964 to 1967.