Arrow EP's Discuss Sara and Nyssa, Felicity's Backstory and New Team Arrow Dynamics

Arrow executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim reveal the story behind the surprise twist and what Sara being home means for her romantic future. Plus more on the changing dynamics in Team Arrow with two new members (Roy and Sara). Also what they have in store for Felicity in season 2. Read on to find out what they had to say!

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By JasonBlue - 2/5/2014
TVline sat down with Arrow's executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim to discuss last night's episode and what comic books fans have to look forward to in the episodes ahead.

On Sara's relationship with Nyssa
The decision to have a romantic relationship between Nyssa and the younger Ms. Lance “was really more about Sara than anything else,” explains Kreisberg. “We thought about this at the beginning of the season. If you watch [Episode] 205, there’s a reference to ‘the beloved’ and ‘you think that’s going to keep you safe.’ We talked about, ‘Does Ra’s al Ghul have a son?’ Then we were like, ‘Could it be Talia?’ We felt like Talia had just been done in the movies.” Ultimately, one of the writers suggested Nyssa, which “felt like something new and different.”

Is Sara the first bisexual super-heroine on screen?
Kreisberg maintains that the pairing isn’t meant to be “salacious.” Rather, “It’s a pretty chaste relationship from what you see on screen,” he continues. “For us, it just touched on a couple of interesting things like the idea that Sara found herself in this terrible world and found this one person who treated her with love and kindness.” And although Sara ends the episode reuniting with Oliver, “We actually specifically avoid using the term ‘bisexual,’” points out Guggenheim. “We didn’t want to label her at all.”

WIll we see more of Nyssa? What about her and Oliver?
Her past will come back to haunt her: Katrina Law will reprise her role as Nyssa later this season. As for whether Sara and Oliver are a couple now, “That’s actually part of the journey of these next five episodes,” reveals Kreisberg. “Oliver has not had many successful relationships, and part of him and Sara moving forward is [the question of], ‘Is this something that can work given both of our [pasts]?’”

Felicity Smoak's family history and secrets
Felicity fans finally got some much-wanted backstory about the IT gal this week – and there’s more to come! Make sure to remember the tidbits Ms. Smoak dropped about her parents, because “There are two massive things that are going to happen towards the end of the season that you heard in that speech that will payoff,” teases Kreisberg.

Oliver vs Moira
The cold war between Oliver and Moira is not going to go unnoticed by anyone,” previews Kreisberg. Meanwhile, despite her stint in prison and the collapse of her relationship with her son, Moira “still really hasn’t had her come-to-Jesus moment… and that’s coming,” teases the EP. Her lie “is going to have far-reaching implications for the characters.” Guggenheim adds that there’s even more deception to come. “There’s just lies all over the place in this whole family… Can you have a family, even, based on lies?” And Oliver, often a liar himself, is going to realize “that as much as he despises his mother, he’s actually a lot more like her than he wants to admit,” says Kreisberg.

Team Arrow version 2.0
With Roy and Sara’s additions to the group, “The cave’s getting full,” says Kreisberg with a laugh. “It used to be a place where Oliver said, ‘Everybody jump,’ and everybody else said, ‘How high?’ What you’re going to start to see is that other people have differing opinions.” Guggenheim says the next episode also will explore “Felicity’s reaction to Sara, the new member of Team Arrow,” as well as what her addition means for the team, Felicity — and Oliver and Felicity.

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ThePresidentGaming - 2/5/2014, 10:59 PM
HEY! @ AnnoDomini

Remember when you pretty much rage supported Laurel Lance as Black Canary.

Caity Lotz is BLACK CANARY!!!

They need to kill off a character at the end of the season like Tommy.

They'll always have a tragedy but I would prefer if Laurel Lance was killed.

[frick]ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Black Canary BITCHES!!!!
Firgosaurus - 2/6/2014, 12:44 AM
Caity Lotz is the Canary, Canaries are white man.
Firgosaurus - 2/6/2014, 12:45 AM
Or yellow.
batmanvsuperman - 2/6/2014, 12:49 AM
Love this show hope she stay as the black canary and this episode was awesome
CherryBomb - 2/6/2014, 2:14 AM
Yeah she's The Canary.
Eventually she'll die and Laurel will be so pissed off she'll become badass and darker and grittier and therefore become The Black Canary.

I love Caity Lotz in this show but Laurel and Oliver belong together.
I have confidence that Laurel will become a better character once she takes up the mantle.
CherryBomb - 2/6/2014, 2:15 AM
Maybe Caity can leave and be in a Birds of Prey spin-off
While Laurel stays and becomes Black Canary.
ThePresidentGaming - 2/6/2014, 2:20 AM
HEY @ CherryBomb

Firgosaurus - 2/6/2014, 2:34 AM
The Black Canary has got to take drugs and be part of a gang. Laurel is on track.
GetsugaTensho22 - 2/6/2014, 3:49 AM
I noted how they call Black Canary "Alta-ir Al-Asfar". This translates to Black Bird, not Black Canary. That's odd because the word for Canary in Arabic is....Canary. It's pronounced "Ken-aari" sure, but it's still Canary LOL
GliderMan - 2/6/2014, 4:39 AM
I want to be Conner Hawke.
GliderMan - 2/6/2014, 4:40 AM
I don't get y'alls hate for Laurel, I love her character. She went full bitch mode last night and it was awesome. Lol
Nomis - 2/6/2014, 6:34 AM
And Oliver, often a liar himself, is going to realize “that as much as he despises his mother, he’s actually a lot more like her than he wants to admit,” says Kreisberg.

This is how I felt about Oliver after last night episode after he told his mother they were "done".

CharacterAssassin - 2/6/2014, 6:50 AM
Damn, that Katrina Law killed it as Nyssa. Wouldn't hurt to use her on the big screen w/ the same role.
Kwyjibo - 2/6/2014, 12:15 PM
anyone else waiting for Oliver to call Sara or Dinah "pretty bird"? even if it's used as a teasing nickname while talking to Sara over comms

it would be another sweet and simple nod to the source material

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