Firefly online Game To Appear At New York Comic-con Plus news On An APP
Well browncoats won't have long to wait in order to get there hands on a demo of the new firefly online game hit the jump for more.
HeisenbergSaysRelax's pitch for 'GOTHAM'.
HeisenbergSaysRelax explains, in detail, how he'd have handled Fox's TV series "Gotham" had he'd been in charge. New storylines, new characters, new arcs. Come check it out!
Is GOTHAM Trying To Steal The Timeslot Of AGENTS OF SHIELD?!
The latest trailer for Gotham showed us not only that GOTHAM moved timeslots but apparently it's also moving to Tuesdays as well...
Its time people face the music of there favorite pseudo-b@d@$$. People often make a mistake that I'm not a fan of Comicbooks,Dc, Marvel Superman,Hulk..etc
Take a look at the odds on the unusual suspects behind Gotham's greatest murder as well as other Gotham Series related topics
Tony Almeida Returns In 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Blu-Ray Extra
It has been a few months since 24: Live Another Day's final episode has aired on FOX. Now, days prior to the blu-ray release, Entertainment Weekly has released a special feature which debuts the return of Jack Bauer's old friend and enemy, Tony Almeida. Check out the clip below entitled "Solitary" to see what Almeida demands.
3 Reasons To Love Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
If you gave up on this show, or never gave it a chance, you're missing out. Here are 3 good reasons why. (Contains spoilers)
I'm The Bad Guy - Movie Pitch
A movie idea I've recently had, give it a read and tell me what you guys and gals think?
Official First Look At 2015 LEGO DC SUPERHEROES Sets
Finally, we have the pictures for the 2015 DC Superheroes Lego sets, which include enough minifigures to get closer to having a complete Lego Justice League of America (or enough to finish getting the main 6). Sadly, we don't have any pictures of Brainiac Attack (74060), which includes Martian Manhunter and Supergirl!
EDITORIAL: Why Roster Rotation Is Important In THE AVENGERS Franchise
While Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision are set to join the Avengers in next year's Age of Ultron, is anyone set to leave? Hit the jump for why a changing lineup is vital to the team.
VIDEO GAMES: Deathstroke and, Um, Polka-Dot Man Come To LEGO BATMAN 3
TT Games has unveiled two new screenshots from Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, revealing the inclusion of Deathstroke the Terminator and the slightly less impressive Polka-Dot Man within the game.
COMICS: Preview First Two Issues Of GREEN LANTERN/NEW GODS Crossover 'Godhead'
It's a double dose of Godhead previews with our first look at the opening two chapters of the crossover, New Gods: Godhead #1 and Green Lantern #35. Hit the jump to check them out!
Big Changes coming to Avengers Assemble animated series. Has Marvel listened to the fans?
New show writers, new team members, more stories is some of the things that have changed in Season 2 of avengers Assemble. could Marvel Animation have listen to the fans criticism.
Finally, the Deadpool film is heading our way yet with the dispute if it will be PG-13 or R-rated we are going to have to ask ourselves if there really is a market for the film. Is there a way that 20th Century Fox can market the film to ensure its success? More just a click away!
GAME OF THRONES : Funeral Scene's Being Filmed With Lannisters
well it looks like winter isn't the only thing that's coming there will also what looks like a funeral hit the jump for more.
After Watching the recently leaked Batman Arkham Knight Footage from Gamecon, we get to see more of the Arkham Knight and for what he sounds like.
My theory on how the twins receive their powers in the MCU
POSSIBLE SPOILERS, but these are just my ideas on how Marvel will explain the twins' powers in Avengers: Age of Ultron
New Nightwing Web Series Debuts
With DC characters taking over the small screen hit the jump to see one that's taking over the even smaller screen.
CBM Tunes #2: Madeon
In this edition of CBM Tunes we combine Madeon and Spider-Man to make a bowl of pure adrenaline and awesomeness. Click the jump to take a look (listen).
COMICS : Exclusive STAR WARS Number 1 With Fan Favorite Plus more Coming To Mexican Event
It looks like mexico will be joining the Galaxy far far away as a new cover for star wars number 1 has been revealed and some more covers all due to premier and only be available in mexico.
The Dark Knight Forever - Teaser Trailer
This Is A Teaser For A Darker/Edgier Interpretation Of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever. Enjoy!
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Up Almost 50% For Live+3
With the numbers in for live and DVR viewing, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D numbers are MUCH better than originally thought, especially in their key demographic (adults 18-45)!
COMICS: Check Out Humberto Ramos' 'Spider-Verse' Variant, Only Available In Mexico
The Amazing Spider-Man artist has illustrated a brand new variant for an upcoming tie-in to Spider-Verse, but, as it turns out, will be exclusive to a Mexico comic book convention. Still, it's a great cover, so check it out after the jump.
Tremors 5... Coming Soon?
They say there's nothing new under the sun, but could something new be gestating under the ground? 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the cult classic creature-feature Tremors, and we may finally be in store for another sequel to help celebrate the milestone!
New ANT-MAN Casting Call For Atlanta, GA Residents!
A new casting call from New Life Casting has been released looking for various talent to shoot later this week. Hit the jump to check it out!