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Comic Book Movie

Joss Whedon caught a lot of attention for remarks he made to Digital Spy last summer, but were posted recently. He blamed "intractable sexism and old-fashioned quiet misogyny" for the lack of female superhero movies. Now he clarifies those comments.
Is there anyone on a current CBM TV show more entertaining to watch than Matt Ryan as John Constantine? Save for Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, I don't think so. NBC has released four sneak peeks from tonight's episode of Constantine.. come check it out!
Next week, Elena, Jeremy, and Damon make an unsettling discovery when they try to communicate with the still trapped Bonnie. Meanwhile, Enzo uses Matt & Sarah to continue his revenge plot against Stefan. Come check out the extended promo & stills for the next episode now!
Last night, select IMAX theaters showed for the first time a television program on their screens. Two episodes from season four of HBO's Game Of Thrones were shown and afterward those in attendance saw a sneak peek of season five. Here it is!
We heard some time ago that there may be plans for the Red Hood in Gotham, but a brief new synopsis reveals that the whole gang will be turning up in a February episode of the Fox series. The question is of course, will The Joker be among them? Hit the jump for details...
The official description for episode fourteen of The Flash drops some huge details about what's to come for Firestorm in the hit CW series as General Eiling sets his sights on capturing Central City's newest hero! There are also some very intriguing hints about time travel. Check it out!
The official description for Arrow's fourteenth episode of season three has been revealed by The CW this evening, and in it we learn how exactly Deathstroke's return in the present day will go down. It seems fair to say that it definitely won't be as most expected. Hit the jump for details!
Well, Margot Robbie and a bunch of other A-List stars like Will Smith and Jared Leto! Regardless, director David Ayer has Tweeted out a new behind the scenes image featuring a look at some production notes and possibly the comic book series which has influenced his adaptation...
Disney CEO Bob Iger talks Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX release dates to Disney stockholders in a released statement. Find out the year you can see what direction Rian Johnson has taken the Star Wars franchise as he takes the baton from J.J. Abrams.
The next project for Chris Pratt after defeating aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, fighting dinosaurs in Jurassic World and (possibly) tomb raiding in Indiana Jones has such a crazy concept it just might be box office gold; especially when you add the directors of John Wick to the mix.