Here we have what appear to be some leaked images from an official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art book of some kind. They're not the greatest quality, but you can see new shots of Raph, Donny, Leo, Mikey, April, Shredder and Splinter after the jump.

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By Mark Cassidy - 5/7/2014

"The city needs heroes... Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s diabolical plan."

We're not sure exactly where these originated from, but thanks to CBMer CeltiC527 for the heads up. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is directed by Jonathan Liebesman. It stars Megan Fox, Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Alan Ritchson, Danny Woodburn, William Fichtner, Will Arnett, Whoopi Goldberg and opens August 8.
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Dinotron - 5/7/2014, 7:52 PM
The shredder cape is lame but other wise it's cool looking!
FirstAvenger - 5/7/2014, 8:07 PM
These are Awesome! 👍
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:11 PM
Everything about this movie makes me want to bawl my eyes out while in the fetal position.
ShadowTheIronKnight - 5/7/2014, 8:13 PM
Shit just got real
Ineedrevelation - 5/7/2014, 8:13 PM
Yeah... no
LEEE777 - 5/7/2014, 8:15 PM
Shredder does look pretty cool, yeah cape needs tweaking.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:17 PM
Shredder looks [frick]ing terrible, same awful design sense of the TF movies. NO. THANK. YOU. [frick]. THIS. SHIT.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:18 PM
Seriously, [frick] this movie. [frick] it in its metaphorical orifice.
smlaude - 5/7/2014, 8:18 PM
thank god splinter doesn't look like a mole like that previous image
unknownguy - 5/7/2014, 8:20 PM
This will be absolutely awful.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:21 PM
I'm of the mindset that you should wait till you actually watch a movie before making a proper judgment, but not for this movie. Ohhhhhh, boy. NOT FOR THIS MOVIE.
BlindJustice - 5/7/2014, 8:23 PM
It's a shame that this movie isn't getting the love that the classic cartoon and original comic book got. I want to see it, but I have zero optimism for it.
ShelfPorn - 5/7/2014, 8:26 PM
Everything looks so damn fake. Say what you want about the original 3 films but I left each one believing that real live teenage mutant ninja turtles were living in the storm drain outside my house. They looked real, the turtles in this movie don't.
blackandyellow - 5/7/2014, 8:31 PM
This will either be an abysmal failure like Lone Ranger or it'll be a massive hit like Transformers.

CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:33 PM
I see this being a big success, considering there seems to be a relatively large portion of the GA that likes seeing these godawful excuses for movies.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:35 PM
TMNT II and III are shit too, so whatever.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:36 PM
I guess i ran out of [frick]s to give.
MexicanSuperman - 5/7/2014, 8:36 PM
@ShelfPorn, those turtles in the original movie looked fake as shit.
thewolfx - 5/7/2014, 8:37 PM
Looks like overly done shit just like transformers

Wake up people!
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:38 PM
The Turtles in II and III looked pretty hokey, but they looked fantastic in the 1990 movie.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:39 PM
I loathe anyone who begs to differ.
Ceejay - 5/7/2014, 8:40 PM
lol, "Everything looks so damn fake"

Yeah right and so the 90's movies the guys in the rubber suits looked so damn real? Like real guys in real rubbers suits or real turtles?

Definitely the stupidest complaint I've heard all yeah.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:42 PM
Yeah, they were guys in rubber suits, but at least they actually existed.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:42 PM
Personally, cgi looks way more fake to me then guys in rubber suits.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:43 PM
Unless you have like, a disgustingly large budget.
SuperCat - 5/7/2014, 8:47 PM
They look decent in action.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:51 PM
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:52 PM
Sorry everyone, i know you're all now mentally scarred for life.
CatIntensifies - 5/7/2014, 8:55 PM
Shitting on this movie has been fun but i'm going to go do better things with my time now, but i shall leave one final picture as a parting gift to everyone against this movie.
Chekkarma - 5/7/2014, 8:56 PM
EnSabahNurD - 5/7/2014, 8:58 PM
LMFAO at the Michelgoombalo
GoldSlayer1 - 5/7/2014, 9:13 PM
Guys the design for the turtle's face is based on Russell Westbrook's face.
smlaude - 5/7/2014, 9:23 PM
I love how ppl click on a link about a topic that they hate just so they can troll.... huge difference between turtles 1 & 2... yup... I bet u freak out in changes of iron man costumes too... #kickrocks #ooze4ever
BboiBlack - 5/7/2014, 9:24 PM
Shredder looks more like Ironman than he does a transformer.
dun dun dun.
micvalpro - 5/7/2014, 10:01 PM
Damn I wana see a close up of April in that pose wearing those tight fukkkinggg jeans!
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