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Necessary Evil
We’ve all celebrated our Superheroes. They give us hope etc etc. But I wanted to look a little closely at the lasting impact of a couple of my favourite Villains.
Looking ahead in anticipation for Chris Nolan's Latest film, Interstellar.
To He Who Watches THE WATCHMEN
Analyzing Alan Moore and and Dave Gibbon's seminal work that revolutionized comics forever. Also listing down all the problems with the inevitable adaptation.
The Curious case of the Fanboy
Taking a look at the fanboy-dom of today, and seeing how far we've come(or not) celebrating the CBM genre.
5 things I learned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Yes, the MCU is the greatest thing since slice bread. We all know that. But a little nitpicking never killed anyone, did it?
'The Strain' arrives in Style!
Anything Guillermo Del Toro does gets a free pass. And the genre bending pilot for 'The Strain', his book that's been adapted into comics, and now finally comes full circle as the TV series he envisioned it as, ranks high among his works!
Validating a Vendetta
Breaking down my all gripes with the V for Vendetta movie adaptation, compared to Alan Moore's masterpiece
EDITORIAL: Of Superheros And Postmodernism
Analyzing the 'Conventional Superhero Narrative' and narrative stagnation. question 'I also try to look into the Are audiences ready for less conventional superhero movies or not yet?'
THE FLASH: Pilot Review
Is CW's 'The Flash' worth all the hype surrounding it? I'm not sure it is.
5 Things Common In Every Spider-Man Movie.
The 5 things to look forward to(or not) in your kid friendly neighborhood Spiderman film.
I break down the rather ill conceived X Men Cinematic Universe in brief, and take a more detailed look at Days of Future Past.
Thor is found guilty of putting his hammer down in style. Again!
In Fincher We Trust
Breaking down the career of director David Fincher, Seven style!
I look at what is potentially Marvel's best single Hero story arc so far!
GODZILLA: King of all Monster Movies?
I breakdown Gareth Edward's hughly anticipated new monster/ Kaiju movie, GODZILLA