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PART 2 - JAMES BOND EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Director/Editor Peter Hunt
In the second of this three part interview with James Bond director/editor Peter Hunt, he discusses the challenges of early James Bond films From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.
JAMES BOND EXCLUSIVE: Director/Editor Peter Hunt On the Film Origins of 007, Part 1
Peter Hunt was perhaps one of the most integral members of the James Bond team, using his vast skills as a film editor and director to help create a pace and style that helped to launch a phenomenon that still touches the world 50 years after the film series began.
DIE HARD 5: Bruce Willis Brings a Unique Clip to David Letterman
John McClane, central character of the Die Hard films, books and comics, returns to the big screen for the fifth time this February in A Good Day to Die Hard. Bruce Willis appeared on David Letterman accompanied by a clip he says is from the film, which skewers a bit of pop culture.
BEFORE WATCHMEN: Behind the Scenes Video
At last - for good or for bad - DC's Watchmen miniseries have begun to hit stores with Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen #1. Now MTV Geek is taking a behind the scenes look at the entire project in this video.
Word today that WB was serious about developing a Justice League movie was met with at least as much derision as it was excitement, many people feeling this was a knee-jerk reaction to the success of The Avengers.
JOHN CARTER & TARZAN: The Impact of the Former, News on the Latter
Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter and Tarzan are both celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and with John Carter coming out on Blu-ray and several Tarzan projects in the works, NBC News has gone to ERB's estate for updates.
Given the success of Marvel's The Avengers the answer seems obvious in a competition between that team and the Justice League, but Clevver Movies is nonetheless offering this comparative cinematic look.
BEFORE WATCHMEN: First TV Commercial
Comic Book Resources has posted the first TV commercial for DC Entertainment's controversial Before Watchmen collection of mini-sries. DC is expected to launch a full blown-trailer on its website shortly.
EDITORIAL - GREEN LANTERN: Some Thoughts on Alan Scott Coming Out of the Closet
A media company attempting to look progressive is nothing new - nor is the notion that "progress" oftentimes can turn around and bite them in the arse. Green Lantern's Alan Scott being gay could be DC Entertainment's version of New Coke.
Although about six months away from the release of the James Bond film Skyfall, there ave been more images and footage captured by people than ever before in the history of the Bond films. What follows is some B-roll footage taken in London and Turkey.
Philip Wilburn stars in this parody Avengers extra that takes a joking look at the casting process of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, featuring impersonations of different actors who reportedly auditioned for starring roles.
TITANIC SUPER 3D: Parody Trailer
What if George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Michael Bay loaned James Cameron a hand in the 3D conversion of Titanic? The answer becomes apparent in this fan edited trailer that takes a few liberties with the material.
JAMES BOND: 007 to Open the 2012 Olympics in London?
It reads like an April Fool's Joke, but London's The Sun is reporting that Daniel Craig as James will actually be kicking off the 2012 Olympics in England, at the request of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.
DARK SHADOWS: Tim Burton Shares His Approach
There's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Tim Burton's take on Dark Shadows between die-hard fans and newbies since the film's trailer was released, and this interview won't help matters at all.
Yale Stewart's Little League - Comic Strip #1
Yale Stewart is an independent comic creator who has come up with a wonderful comic strip that takes the Justice League and postulates that they first met each other back in grade school and developed their relationship with each other back then.
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