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Doctor Strange Movie Trailer
it's time for yet another fan-made trailer from Mr8866, this time: Doctor Strange. Watch this cool Doc Strange trailer, with Luke Evans as Stephen Strange. Plus, how is Thanos connected to it? and is the Soul Gem is there too? Enjoy...
2016: Best Movie Year Ever? 7 CBM in 1 Year!
Well ladies and gentlemen, we have come to a point where there will be 7 comic-book movies in one year. 2016 is shaping up to be a really cool year for movies, and 5 of these movie will be from Marvel (2 from Marvel studios, 2 from Fox and 1 from Sony) and also 2 movies from WB/DC.
Godzilla vs DC Marvel Trailer
Ever dreamed to see Godzilla vs DC and Marvel? Well, it's time for the superheroes to face the King of the Monsters. Watch the this new trailer from Mr8866, enjoy...
DC Marvel Apocalypse Final Epic Trailer
What if the DC and Marvel had to fight The Apocalypse? What if they had to fight a army of giant monsters? Well, they will need some help. Watch the final trailer from Mr8866, enjoy...
DC Marvel Apocalypse Project
What if the DC and Marvel had to fight The Apocalypse? What if they had to fight a army of giant monsters? Well, they will need some help. Watch the new project from Mr8866, enjoy...
Mr8866 has made a new epic Batman v Superman Trailer, that might make you cry. Enjoy this trailer.
Power Rangers Reboot Movies Ideas and Cast
I'm a big Power Rangers fan, loved the show when I was a kid, and I still can enjoy it. I think the movie will be really cool and fun, only if they take the right approach. So here are some ideas and Fan-Castings...
Green Lantern Reboot Fan-Cast
Could The Rock be our new Green Lantern? I hope so, and this is why...Plus, I believe that we will get a GL movie in 2016...
DC Cinematic Universe Movies and Ideas all the way to 2024
Now that we know that WB has plans all the way to 2020, it's speculation time. When will we gat the first Justice League movie? What about Wonder Woman? and who will The Rock play?
Top 10 movies of Marvel
Now that there are 10 Marvel movie, it's time to decide what is the best movie? what is the worst? and why there are so many bad guys who are just...well...bad guys!
DC Cinematic Universe Movie List and Cast (updated)
WB has set release dates for 9 untitled DC films and 2 “event films”. We don't know yet what all this means, but I hope that the Event Films are the Justice League movies. So, maybe it means that we will get few origin movies. I hope that this will happen, so here is my list and some cast...
Batman stand-alone movie trailer
We that at some point we will get some new Batman movies, so what if in his next movie Batman will face Hugo Strange? It will be a great mind game, and just for the fun of it, Deathstrock is in it too, enjoy...
Do we really need ANT-MAN?
Is the movie Ant-Man is pointless? Did Marvel did so many changes that it's just not Ant-Man anymore? do you care? Come and tell us what do you think...
My problem with San-Diego Comic-Con
My big problem with San-Diego Comic-Con is the fact that people who are not in hall H can’t watch the great movies trailer and teasers that are shown there. So only the people who are in hall H can see the footage, while the millions who couldn’t be there, will not see it for a very long time.
What if DC and Marvel heroes united against the Transformers in an epic war?
It's time for the Final Epic Fan-Made Trailer of DC Marvel vs Transformers, from Mr88668866
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