POEM: The Human Rocket
I did a mock English exam the other day and wrote a speech about Nova being dead and how Marvel better bring him back. Then earlier, I brainfarted a poem, only to find myself in the mood to do another comic book inspired one. Et voi lá...
COMICS: Namor Meets An Alternate Invisible Woman In This Preview For AVENGERS WORLD #18
Namor tries to comfort an Invisible Woman from another upon as the Cabal wreaks havoc in this preview for Frank J. Barbiere and artist Andres Mossa's Avengers World #18.
COMICS: Catwoman's Bisexuality Confirmed By Series Writer Genevieve Valentine
In the recent issue of Catwoman series writer Genevieve Valentine did something that took many fans by surpise and confirmed that the character known for her off an on relationship with the Dark Knight is bisexual.
COMICS: Marvel Reveals New York City Themed Variant Covers
The comics company embraces it's roots by revealing anumber of New York City themed variant covers for a number of titles. Hit the jump to check out the covers by Matthieu Forichon, Mico Suayan, Alex Maleev, and Mike Perkins.
Benedict Cumberbatch Writes Letter For SHERLOCK Fan's Funeral
This Monday was the funeral for 14-year-old Sherlock superfan, Eve Shepherd, and while Cumberbatch could not attend because he was filming the show she loved he did write a heartfelt letter to the family.
Neill Blomkamp Discusses ELYSIUM; Says He F**ked It Up
After his acclaimed debut film, District 9, many fans were dissapointed by his second film Elysium, and now in a recent interview Blomkamp honestly admits to dropping the ball.
Should There be Another Serenity Movie?
Should Joss Whedon return to his brilliant universe to create a sequel to the equally brilliant Serenity?
Original POWER RANGERS Cast Members React To Fan Film
The short fan film has been a hit on the web, but what do some of the stars of the original series think? Read on to find out!
COMICS: Clint Barton And Kate Bishop Take On HYDRA In ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1
The Avenging Archers are back and are taking on Hydra in these preview panels for Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez's first issue of ALL-NEW HAWKEYE. Check out the preview panels after the jump.
ARROW: Producers, John Barrowman and Katrina Law Talk Nanda Parbat and The Future
With an almost month long break ahead for Arrow, the producers and some cast members give an update on last nights shocking events, as well as what is to come!
Earth-717: IRON MAIDEN Volume 2 - Chapter 2
An alternate time. An alternate world. Since revealing her identity as the Invincible Iron Maiden, Tasha Stark has been on top of the world. Yet, she has also become aware of the intentions of AIM, who work behind the scenes to destroy her. When a seemingly unbeatable foe enters her life, Tasha finds herself in an impossible situation that will challenge every fibre of her being.
Agent Carter Season 2 Talk and Possible Winter Soldier Cameo
The season finale of "Agent Carter" left fans wanting more because of the Arnim Zola appearance and background on Bucky's brainwashing. So will we get a season 2 and if we do will we get a Winter Soldier cameo? Click and read about it!
Spider-Man Volume 2: Partners
Spider-Man gets pursued by two monstrous villains, while Black Cat watches over Spider-Man waiting for the perfect time to execute her plan.
Man Of Steel 2 Spec Treatment
After the release of Man Of Steel I really liked the movie, not great but I liked it. I never really liked Superman until the film and even in the comics. So, I thought I would educate myself on him and write a spec script for a yet to be made sequel. After doing research on the net and only having read Peace On Earth and Superman For All Seasons I was set to craft a continuing story to the saga. And I am proud to say I am a huge Superman fan now aside from growing up with people saying "Your named after Superman's dad."

In late 2013, I finished a treatment just as word Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and decided to give him cameo because DC is trying to make a Justice League movie and universe. Since then, I, like the rest of the world have paid close attention to any plot points, pics, etc. I began to notice a lot of similarities in the story I wrote and the one we hope to see. So, I am uploading my direct sequel to Man Of Steel titled....... Superman.

Please Enjoy and Comment! Let me know if you wish for me to read your stories as well or if you want me to explain anything in the story or suggestions. I will return the reviews.

Captain America: Civil War (FAN MADE) Posters
Whose Side Are You On? 3 Captain America 3 Fan Made Posters by DiamondDesignHD!!
For More Checkout my FB Page!---> https://www.facebook.com/DiamondDesignHD
A response to Dan Slott
Why his comments on Spidey don't make sense
SEX CRIMINALS Heads To TV; Matt Fraction And Kelly Sue DeConnick Sign Two-Year TV Deal
The award winning Image Comics series, Sex Criminals, is heading to Universal TV and the married writing duo, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick, sign a two-year deal.
COMICS: STAR-LORD And KITTY PRYDE Face Battleworld Together In New SECRET WARS Title
The Legendary Star-Lord and the Kitty Pryde from the Age of Apocalypse universe find themselves on Battleworld together in another Secret Wars tie-in. Hit the jump to check it out.
Unite The Seven: Could Black Adam Be the 7th Member Of The Justice League?
Green Lantern seems like the obvious choice for being on the Justice League roster in the upcoming Justice League movies. However, is it too farfetched to envisage that instead of Hal Jordan or John Stewart, we might actually see someone else as the 7th member of the Justice League? Black Adam!
Bob Garlen Presents: The Suicide Squad Fan Cast!
My Take on a Suicide Squad Flick, with a neat cast and a bit of story to go with it.
Justice League Dark Fancast
Justice League Dark Fancast for the upcoming film Directed by Guillermo Del Toro.
'Captain America' Writers On Future 'Agent Carter' Developments & THAT Cameo
There were some 'super' developments in last nights finale of 'Agent Carter'! Hit the jump for more details, as well as the reveal of a SPOILERY cameo.
Walking Dead To Air Extended Season Finale
Has the group finally found refuge? Are they ever truly safe? Get ready for a extended final episode! Hit the jump for more details.
The Comic Book Guys talk Comic Book TV from Agent Carter to The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, Gotham, and The Walking Dead! Also, an X-Men Movie Chat! (WARNING: Contains Adult Language)
Making Sense of SPIDER-MAN in the MCU
Tired of Spider-Man articles? Good! Here's another one anyway. In the aftermath of the game-changing deal between Marvel and Sony, we're left with little info and lots of questions. Join SauronsBANE as he tries to sift through it all and bring some clarity to perhaps the biggest comic book news in recent memory...