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Comic Book Movie

In season four of HBO's fantasy-action television series Game Of Thones, Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) has to lock up her dragons when she is presented with the bones of dead child killed by Drogon. Come see the visual effects for them.
Now that Peggy Carter has her own ABC TV series starring Hayley Atwell, Marvel are delving further into the comic book version's past with Operation: S.I.N.. Hit the jump for a first look at issue #2 as Agent Carter heads into battle alongside, you guessed it, Howard Stark...
If you're not a fan of Game of Thrones (really?!), chances are that you won't be all that familiar with 18 year old actress Sophie Turner. You can get better acquainted with the redhead in the following photoshoot anyway, where she also discusses Sansa Stark's future in the HBO series...
The Black Widows are here! ABC has released an extended teaser for this Tuesday's episode of Agent Carter featuring our first look at the Black Widow training program and a quick tease of the imminent showdown between Peggy Carter & Dottie! Come check it out!
Scott Snyder crafted an exciting new origin for Batman in Zero Year and now the talented DC Comics writer is tackling an origin story for The Dark Knight's greatest adversary, the Joker.
Superman's redesign for "The New 52" reboot was controversial with some fans, especially as the Man of Steel lost his red trunks and gained a higher v-neck collar. Well, John Romita Jr.'s Superman #38 cover has revealed his latest costume, and there are once again some big alterations!
"Whether she's aware of it or not, Harvey Bullock's deeply in love with Fish Mooney," Donal Logue reveals in this brand new Gotham featurette. The actor then goes on to drop some very interesting hints about what's to come for Jada Pinkett Smith's villain as the series progresses...
Marvel has released the episode description for the penultimate episode of Agent Carter's first season and it looks like things are going to get really rough for Peggy fast as Leviathan makes their move & the SSR discovers that their true enemy is much closer than they thought.
Colin Trevorrow has released a teaser image for the highly anticipated Jurassic World Super Bowl TV spot featuring one of Chris Pratt's velociraptor buddies. Come check it out and don't forget to catch the ad during game tomorrow when my New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks!
With Channing Tatum being set to star in Gambit, and Terry Crew recently revealing a desire to play the Silver Surfer, check out how the actors could appear in those respective Fox/Marvel roles.