CBM's From Around the World: The Big Adventure of Mortadelo and Filemón
Today's featured CBM is coming to you from Spain it is The Big Adventure of Mortadelo and Filemón. Find out what it's all about inside!
CBM's From Around the World: TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I
Coming at you from the Republic of Serbia is Technotise: EDIT & I. Find out what this animated comic book movie is all about inside.
Return of CBM's from Around the World: Jeż Jerzy : George the Hedgehog
Coming in from Poland is George the Hedgehog. Find out what this movie is all about inside. ADULTS ONLY
Custom Batmobiles are Subject to Copyright?
Judge in California has ruled that custom Batmobiles are subject to the copyright law. Looks like Justin Bieber may be headed for some trouble.
Ncreb Reviews: Kingdom Come the Audiobook
I review Elliot S. Maggin's Audiobook Novelization of Mark Waid and Alex Ross's Kingdom Come.
Ncreb's Justice League fancast
Here is my dream cast for a Justice League movie. Updated
What did John Hodgman have to say about DC's New 52?
John Hodgman (The PC Guy, The Daily Show) discusses the positives and negatives of DC's recent reboot.
College Humor: Looking for the next CBM The Wonder Twins and more!!!
College Humor has put together auditions for the next CBM. Incest powers activate?
Does CBM have too many Polls?
To answer this "age" old question I use, but what else, a Poll!
CBM's From Around the World: The Storm Riders
Today's featured CBM from Around the World is The Storm Riders! What is this movie about? Check it out inside. 風雲雄霸天下
CBM's From Around the World: Killer Condom
Today's featured CBM from Around the World is Killer Condom! What is this movie about? Check it out inside. The rubber that rubs YOU out!
Vote for the Sexiest CBM Hottie!
Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie Hottie! Which one of these sexy ladies will win the day? Sexy Pics inside!
Arkham City Toyline from Mattel
Mattel Unveils Arkham City toyline featuring Robin.
NCREB Reviews: Cowboys & Aliens
With this review I go, not so, in depth with my experience of Cowboys & Aliens. Does this movie make the grade? *Minor Spoilers*
Really Cool Fan Posters!
Posters made by fans including Captain America, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.
The Flaming C:The Official Site!
Conan O'Brian's alter ego The Flaming C now has a website and it's counting down to something.
Audie Murphy: The Real Captain America
In anticipation of the upcoming film Captain America: The First Avenger I put together an article on the most decorated war veteran in WWII. Learn about his feats and heroism and pay tribute to the Soldier in your life.
FANART: Jack Kirby Inspired Avengers
Here is my Jack Kirby inspired drawing. Enjoy!
A list of my favorite Batman artists
I've compiled a list of my favorite/best Batman artists based on the books I have on hand.
X-Men The Complete Animated Series on Netflix
X-Men the Animated Series is now available for streaming on Netflix.
FANART: What I Think Action Comics #1 Should have Been.
Did a quick skecth of the new Action Comics #1.
Batman: Arkham City to be 40 hours long?
Batman's crusade against the superstitious and cowardly lot will last for a while.
Syfy's The Almighty Thor
You know Syfy had to do it so here is a short review of The Almighty Thor. Spoilers...but really who cares.
Jason Momoa's Interview with Access Hollywood
Jason Momoa gives his impression of the early 3D footage of Conan, Arnold, and whether or not he is "Winning."