OAU: Hawkeye #1
Come and check out the Online Alternate Universe in Hawkeye #1! A down on his luck Clint Barton needs a job, but he may get a little more than he bargained for when a mysterious band of terrorists attacks!
DC Comic's scarlet speedster is coming to the OAU faster than lightning! Hit the jump to check out the Flash take to the streets of Central City to help take down crime!
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging through the OAU and this time he's got a whole new origin! Hit the jump to check out the web slinger's all new and improved origin!
OAU Preview: X-MEN #1
Charles Xavier and his school for gifted youngsters are on their way to the OAU! Hit the jump to check out the origin of the X-Men's inexperienced leader, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops!
OAU: Daredevil #1
Come and check out the Online Alternate Universe in Daredevil #1! By day, Matt Murdock is a lawyer. By night, he prowls the streets as Daredevil and he's about to find out that neither life is free from the influence of...the Kingpin of crime!
The CBM OAU Needs You!
The CBM OAU is up and running, but we need your help! If you can pick up a pencil or dabble in drawing, we need your artistic skills! And don't forget, there are still a few characters gathering dust waiting for a writer. Hit the jump to find out how you can get involved!
OAU: Silver Surfer #1
Come and check out the Online Alternate Universe in Silver Surfer #1! The OAU is a re-imagining of some of our favourite comic book characters for the enjoyment of all! See Norrin Radd take his first steps in an interstellar quest that will take him across the universe.
[OAU] Title Release Dates And Continuity
This is a list of the titles that have, I emphasise; HAVE, to be done by the first week of April of this year. Please use this time to set continuity between these titles straight within their respective universes. Sorry if I seem like a douche, this just seemed like an issue that needed addressing
[OAU] Who's Who
Due to the huge response to do the OAU, characters are being snatched up quick. Hit the jump to check out the list of who has who in the OAU!
[OAU] The CBM OAU Rules
The Online Alternate Universe is up and running! We've had a huge backing and are currently working hard on our first releases, hit the jump to check out the rules behind the group!