Key Points To Make A Marvel Studio's Spider-man better than Sony's
The favorite rumor of fans is now TRUE! Spider-man is back with Marvel Studios, and will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! When you let that sink in for a bit, check out my speculation and what I think would be a good game plan for Marvel now that the most popular superhero is back where he belongs.
Civil War Saga? Are Marvel's Plans BIGGER Than We Thought?
Have we overlooked a HUGE clue to Marvel Studio's plans in one of the "Sony Hack" emails? Does Captain America: Civil War contain the HUGE storyline in one movie? Or does it just the beginning of the storyline? How will the Netflix shows be effected? Make the jump to see the evidence I have uncovered!
THANOS The Main Villain In AVENGERS 3? How About NO!
Why should Thanos be in Avengers 3? This is what I ask. Why does everyone just assume this is how it should be? Marvel has a plan, but as a huge Thanos fan I sure hope they don't include him in the third Avengers movie! Why? Make the jump to find out!
How will WB and Zack Snyder make anticipated team up come to life? Your guess is as good as mine! I don't pretend to know what they ARE doing but I do know what they SHOULD do. Make the jump to hear my take!
Man Of Steel: Is Killing The Villain Right Or Wrong?
Should Superman kill the villain? Has he killed in the comics before? What is killing and what is not? Can you fight without killing? Make the jump to see me go in depth of the highly criticized twist in Man Of Steel. SPOILER WARNING!
FEATURE: Marvel's The Avengers Screen Cap's Which You Never Saw!
Didn't you wish you could have some of those awesome shots in Marvel's The Avengers that weren't included in any trailers? Well, now you can. Your's truly has taken loads of awesome shots just for your enjoyment. Make the jump to find your next computer wallpaper!
COMICS: Rick Remender, And John Romita Jr. Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA
After Ed Brubaker's fantastic run on Captain America, what has Marvel's anticipated writing shakeup Marvel Now have in store for him? The new team for Cap, talk of how their stories are going to shed light on Cap's pre-super-soldier days, new information on how a certain villain will be portrayed, much more!
RESULTS: What Did You Think Of CW's ARROW?
In the past few weeks Arrow has had some negative feed back but has made a mostly positive impression on most critics and fans. Last week I made a poll so we could see what CBMers thought. What's the conclusion? Make the jump to find out!
FEATURE: Five Ways Avengers 2 Could Happen
Most fans and non-fans are waiting eagerly for the much anticipated Marvel's The Avengers sequel but what is the best way to build up to the blockbuster film? What story and characters should be included? Make the jump for my five possible ways Marvel's The Avengers 2 could turn out.
POLL: What Did You Think Of CW's ARROW?
Last night we saw the pilot of CW's Arrow, with mixed feelings from several, myself included, it is obvious this will be an controversial series with fans. But what did you think? Did Arrow go in the right direction? Or did it miss the target?
Superotherside Reviews: ARROW
With superhero shows ranging from the huge fan base as Smalleville to the mostly negative reaction to the Cape a show based off of Green Arrow, renamed Arrow in the series, wasn't a sure bull's-eye but as CW made the emerald archer a hit? Or has the arrow missed it's target?
Other Marvel Heroes Joining The MCU? Is It Possible?
With other studios such as Sony, and Fox, realizing their mistakes in their own franchises, and comparing their own films to Marvel's The Avengers box office success, only time will tell weather a team up with these characters could be possible.
Check out the latest press releases from Marvel's new MMO, Marvel Heroes. With loads of new information like, new characters, fan reactions, and much more!
Superotherside's Classic Review: The Thanos Quest
Being one of the most overlooked lead in story lines to the epic crossover event The Infinity Gauntlet, The Thanos Quest gives much needed insight to this mind bending journey of the cosmic villain Thanos. Is it a dull prelude to the great things to come? Or is it just as fantastic as it sounds? Make the jump to find out!
CBM 101: How To Write Good Articles: How To Use HTML
They're back! New, updated CBM 101 articles are finally here! In this article I explain how to make text links, bold, italic, and underlined font! I give advice on making good articles and much more! What are you waiting for? Make the jump!
Superotherside's Classic Review: The Dark Knight Returns
This classic Frank Miller tale, The Dark Knight Returns has garnered both praise from critics and fans alike, but what could be so fantastic about a 55 year old Batman coming out of retirement to done on the cape and cowl again? Make the jump to see if this classic story is worth answering the bat signal or if it's just a joke.
EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Kaylon Hunt About His Short Film HERO STORY
Kaylon Hunt is a long time fan of the comics, which brought him down the road to making this great fan film Hero Story. Kaylon tells me about the process of making a short film, including costume designs, special effects, casting and much more!
Superotherside's Classic Review: BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN
Batman: The Long Halloween is the sequel to the highly thought of Batman: Year One. This story like it's predecessor is now a classic. What is my take on the classic comic? Make the jump to see.
EDITORIAL: So You Don't Think A Live Action Movie Would Work? GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
Last SDCC Marvel announced the controversial choice of Guardians Of The Galaxy. The announcement was met with much criticism from non fans of the comic as Marvel could have adapted better known characters first. Make the jump to see what I think.
If you weren't able to go to the SDCC don't worry Marvel's new MMO, Marvel Heroes, is confirming they will be able to appear at the PAX and the NYCC. Make the jump for details!
EXCLUSIVE: Interview With John Alexander Gouthro About His Book SPARKS IGNITE: PART ONE OF WHITE FIRE
Fellow CBMer, John Gouthro, answers why he chose fiction, whether his character is a superhero, if his book will have sequels, and why CBMers should be interested in his upcoming novel Sparks Ignite: Part One of White Fire.
Previews for the Johnathan Hickman's well loved FF series, DC's cross country team Justice League International, and the Batman funded African superhero Batwing.
What is happening in the latest issue of Detective Comics? Who is splicing their DNA? Who has become a human Atomic Bomb? Why is Bruce rolling out the heavy duty armor? Make the jump to find out!
Original Catwoman Julie Newmar Comments On THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy
Adam West's Catwoman reveals how she changed the costume, her thoughts on Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, and much more!
EDITORIAL: What ABC Should Do With New Marvel Show
What kind of show would fit in the MCU? What show would be the best way to introduce new characters and tell different stories than the live action movies? Find out here.