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Ron Perlman Says That He Is “Done” With Hellboy
While expressing that he feels the story should be resolved so that fans can have some closure to the trilogy, Perlman also doesn’t sound like he has that much desire to put on the horns again, check it out after the jump
Who Is Hulk This Week? Inspecting Character Swapping
With Amadeus Cho's recent Hulk reveal, Marvel has exacerbated an old issue with comic book characters. That issue is; their individuality. This new Hulk is nearly indistinguishable from the last (save a ludicrous haircut and wristband) and thus makes Bruce Banner just one of many, if he wasn't already with the ridiculous Hulk family. Is this an issue? In my opinion yes and if you hit the jump I'll tell you why.
Shots Fired. Black Adam Calls Out Superman
By now, everybody knows that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is excited to play Black Adam in DC Comics and Warner Brother’s upcoming movie "Shazam". He seems confident that Black Adam can layeth the smacketh down on Superman's candyass and his recent Twitter and Instagram post back this up. Check it out after the jump
FAN ART: Batman and his Villains
My newest picture featuring the Dark Knight and *some* of his foes in Gotham. Also included a few variant versions!
Eminem Reveals His MARVEL HIP-HOP VARIANT Cover
With Marvel's October Hip-Hop variant covers, we've seen homages of album covers from everyone from Nas to Wu Tang Clan to Biggie Small to Lauryn Hill and more. Now Eminem has revealed the Hip-Hop variant cover Marvel did for him.
Hear Gwendoline Christie's 'CAPTAIN PHASMA' Speak For The First Time
Yesterday, new toys we're released that gave us the first pieces of dialogue from 'Kylo Ren' and John Boyega's Finn. Now, thanks to David Popineau, we now have the first pieces of dialogue for Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma. As you might of guessed, she quite demanding...
Alan Moore’s Digital Comics App “Electricomics” Launches
Alan Moore has never been one to shy away from experimentation in comics and his latest endeavor is no exception. “Electricomics” is an open source platform that will act as both a publisher and toolkit for digital comics and feature original work from some of the best in the business. Check it out after the jump
UPDATE:The 'Guardians' Team Up With 'Yondu' In New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clip
Ever since Marvel released Guardians of The Galaxy to large success last year, the team of misfits have been becoming much more prevalent in other media. Click the jump to see a brand-new clip of the team's upcoming animated series, which will air on DisneyXD!
ARROW Star Stephen Amell Reveals When New Season 4 Trailer Will Drop
Fans have been eagerly awaiting for some hint of a trailer for Arrow's upcoming fourth season, and now star Stephen Amell has revealed just when fans will be able to get their hands on that trailer, and its sooner than you might think! Click the jump to find out when!
The REAL problem with the Apocalypse design
I know i'm late on this, but I don't think no one has realized the true problem (or you have, and I just didn't notice).
Remember Mega Man? 20th Century Fox Does And He May Be Coming To A Theatre Near You
With movies like “Warcraft”, “Assassins Creed”, and “Borderlands” coming to the big screen, why not add one of video games favorite characters to that list as well? Well, It looks like 20th Century Fox is planning on doing just that. Check it out, after the jump
Thoughts on MR. ROBOT
Here's my thoughts on one of the summer's newest and best series, MR. ROBOT. Be aware: spoilers ahead.
New Mutants Fan Cast
New mutants: A cast that will not totally screw the movie up.
RUMOR: Possible Details About The Secret JLA Cartoon
Earlier today a picture appearing to show a poster of a new JLA cartoon surfaced. Now, the people over at Nerdist believe they've found some stuff out about it. Check it out.
I Live, I Die, I Live Again! MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Is Back From Valhalla And Headed To IMAX Again!
Oh what a day! What a lovely day! MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is back to blow some minds. If you didn't get the chance to see this beautiful film. Now's your chance to finally know what your co-workers have been talking about by the water cooler.