COMICS: Francis Manapul Talks Characters & Mystery in DETECTIVE COMICS
The team behind the New 52 Flash has transferred from Central City to Gotham, and co-writer/artist Francis Manapul sat down at WonderCon '14 to talk about their run. Check out a 7-minute interview after the jump.
How Did The X-Men Die? Part 1
We know how a few of the countless mutants met their end however how did some of the most recognizable mutants meet their maker?
Singer vs Eagan:  In defence of Niether
While this article doesn't really belong on this site, with four out of every five users on here blindly defending either Singer or Eagan, while tossing the facts out the window, I feel this article is necessary.
ALL X-Men films to be 1 universe, NOT a melding of 2!
To "logically" combine ALL of the X-Men films into one seemless canon without inconsistancies is hard... but not impossible! This is something to hope for!
Do it yourself: Phase 3 of the MCU
Little to nothing is known about Phase 3 of the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic universe but whatever in store is shore to be amazing. So just for fun I wrote down what I think should happen in Phase 3.
5 Short/Low Budget Films MARVEL Should Make With NETFLIX
We all know about the upcoming Netflix/Marvel TV Shows. I wanted to write an article on that, but I wasn't too interested. I was thinking about the shows and then an idea came to mind. What if Marvel started making low budget small films for smaller/darker characters. I'm not talking about One-Shot's though. I want the unsung heroes, anti-heroes, and even villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be done right on screen. Click the jump to see the top 5 characters who I think should get the short film treatment.
Potential friendly fire from Bryan Singer Rape Lawsuit
Will the lawsuit involving Bryan Singer allegedly raping a minor bring down a comicbook movie ledgend in the process.
With all the talk of another Ghostbusters film in the works I thought it would be fun to revisit and review the classic 80's Ghostbusters cartoon. Does this animated series still hold up? Does it hold a candle to the original film on which it's based? Hit the jump for my personal opinion......
My 5 Favourite Comic-Book Films Ever
In this editorial, I give you my 5 favourite CBMs of all time. This article may contain mild spoilers for each of my picks, so you've been warned. Hit the jump to find out my faves...
HANNIBAL Shiizakana Video Teaser
The FBI is called in to investigate a grisly discovery of a man's body that has been torn to shreds by man, beast or both? Preview clip and synopsis just past the bloody jump...
The exciting digital-first series, written by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, will see Batman and Robin from the 1960s TV show team up with the Green Hornet and Cato. Hit the jump to check out the solicit and cover art (by fan-favourite Alex Ross) for the second issue.
FIRST LOOK: Watch the Opening Scene to Joss Whedon's IN YOUR EYES
With Avengers: Age of Ultron being over a year away, some of you might be needing a Joss Whedon fix. Well the first footage from the Whedon scripted sci-fi romance IN YOUR EYES is now online!
COMICS: Race Of Thieves Begins in CATWOMAN #30 Preview
Selina Kyle has officially turned her back on her thieving alter ego, only to slink back into the catsuit once more for a new contest. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Ann Nocenti and Pat Olliffe's Catwoman #30.
Pencil Preview of Creator Owned Comic Book
Come Check Out a Seventeen Page Penciled Preview of an All New Comic in the Works!
BEWARE THE BATMAN: Pictures and Details For Remaining Episodes
Episode descriptions and some pictures for the remaining episodes of BEWARE THE BATMAN are now on the web. Hit the jump for more...
Man of Steel Suit Altered **PHOTOSHOP**
Superman suit from Man of Steel altered from a fan...
COMICS: Kal-El Arrives On Earth in Preview of SECRET ORIGINS #1
DC Comics is bringing back Secret Origins to look back at the early days of many superheroes and villains. The first issue arrives next week, featuring the origins of Superman, Robin and Supergirl! Hit the jump for a new preview.
While the post credits scene's haven't been announced yet, here are the 6 possible choices of characters to cameo in the post credit scenes in Avengers Age of Ultron
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - The Mystery Formula
In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode "Eye Spy" we were given a quick look at what the team believes is a formula. I will address what I believe this formula may be.
COMICS: DEXTER: DOWN UNDER #3 First Bloody Look!
Dexter's down under in Australia painting the country nice and red. Cover, pages and summary for release this April just past the jump...
X-Men Days of Future Past Colossus Suit *Classic Suit Photoshop*
Colossus' costume from X-Men:Days of Future Past photohopped to resemble the classic Colossus costume from the comics...
COMICS: Presenting Your First Look at THE UNITED STATES OF MURDER INC. #1!
This May, the creators of the Eisner Award-winning Powers craft a brand new ongoing series exploring crime fiction like you’ve never seen before! Check it out after the jump!
EDITORIAL: Which storyline is perfect for the Daredevil TV show?
What Volume of Daredevil would make the best 16 episode story arc? And what tweaks would need to be made.
QUADRANT 4-63 #1
Nova here with an original script for a series I'm working on to somewhat work in tandem with my OAU Silver Surfer. Hope you guys enjoy it, hit the jump to check it out...