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Post-Mix Review of Conan the Barbarian
This latest Transformers film is pure CGI gold. A film that has a 37% rating on, Transformers: Dark of the Moon has been criticized for being poorly written, overlong, silly and loud. These are all the things I loved about it! Critics seem to have a problem with Michael Bay's style, that his films are to Michael Bayish and so on. Though I think 2007s Transformers is his best film to date, Dark of the Moon is easily second to that.
The Green Lantern movie has gotten nothing but bad reviews did it deserve it or not?
Two changes could have made it near-perfect...
The politically correct Thor, Boo!
Hollywood is going to far in keeping movies so "PC" and now Thor gets the same treatment.
THOR: My First Review On CBM
My first review as objectively as I can with minor spoilers...
I tried to remain impartial, who won out - the inner fanboy or the movie critic?
We all know Zach Snyder can direct but can he write?
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers ROTF Review
Is this the best Spiderman game to date?
Predators Review (Better Late Than Never!) Spoilers!
Seeing all the previous films (Aliens & Predators)did this film live up to the height?
REVIEW: Iron Man 2 Fails
In a time when movies are getting worse, you'd expect the sequel to the great Iron Man to be better than the first, right? WRONG!
It started good, then dropped, did a few turns, went back up, and came back down. Did it leave you looking for a trash can to heave in, or waiting in line to go again?
4 words...Do Not Go See! special effect ehhh. Plot Puke! Acting Vommit! worst $8 ever spent!
Great new comic with wonderful inks and epic story.
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