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Bob Garlen Presents: X-MEN (2000) Recast!
My chosen cast and crew for what would have become 2000's 'X-MEN'
Bob Garlen Presents: TERMINATOR DECIMATION T.V. Series Pitch
My own pitch for a Terminator T.V. Series, with no relations to the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Bob Garlen Presents: The Wild Wild West, Reboot Fan Cast
Based on the hit Cult Classic T.V. Show Starring Robert Conrad as James T. West, and Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon!
Bob Garlen Presents: Sony Picture & Marvel Studio's Ultimate Spider-Man Fan Cast
My take on an adaptation of The Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Books!
Bob Garlen Presents: The Suicide Squad Fan Cast!
My Take on a Suicide Squad Flick, with a neat cast and a bit of story to go with it.
Finding The Perfect Spider-Man For The Marvel Cinematic Universe
My Eight choices for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man.
Bob Garlen Presents: Marvel Studio's Spider-Man Fan Cast!
My Take on What could be done between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over Spider-Man!
Bob Garlen Presents: Fantastic 4 (2005) Done Right!
My take on what could have been a Family Orientated Comic Book Epic. My own vision of what could have been a Supreme Fantastic 4 Film.
My take on a Live Action Adaptation of the First 3 Story Arcs of Marvel's Ultimate Fantastic Four Comic!
Bob Garlen Presents: The Flash! As It Should be In The DC Cinematic Universe, Fan Cast
What I probably would have done in terms of the Flash's part in the DC Cinematic Universe.
Bob Garlen Presents: My Ideas To Developing A Great SUPERMAN Video Game!
My take on how to properly develop a proper, engaging, and overall dynamic Superman Video Game, with notes on story and even ideas on Gameplay mechanic.
Bob Garlen Presents: DC Cinematic Universe GREEN LANTERN Fan Cast
My take on what the DC Cinematic Universe should do with The Emerald Knight.
My take on a proper reboot of the Halloween epic directed and co-written by John Carpenter.
My Ultimate Take on a Fully Fleshed out reboot of a Multifilm Batman Saga!
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