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EDITORIAL: How to keep Comic Book Movies going without Rebooting it!
A simple Idea to keep Comic Book Films from always having to reboot...
Editorial: Superman's Physique
In which I speak of something in modern times I disagree.
Editorial: Is Superman Relatable?
I Tackle the tough question "Is Superman Relatable?" with my own answer, it might not be the definitive answer, but It's good enough for me.
Editorial: Superman or Clark Kent which is the true face?
I express my views on Who is the true persona, Clark or Superman.
Review of Superman Earth One
I give my review on Superman Earth One. SPOILER WARNING ENACTED!
Green Lantern Power Battery Revealed!
Curious as to what it looks like? Check it out!
The First 9 1/2 Pages of my Mortal Kombat Script. I have Finished it so I'm going to post another part of it every week. Should be pretty long, after I finish polishing it I'll post it on deviant art or something.
A T.V. Series outline i did for an Avengers Live Action Series...
First off, I want to start this article by officially saying that anything said in this article is in now way meant to be derogatory towards Marc Webb or Andrew Garfield, mainly because I'm unfamiliar with either person's work. Now for the Article...
My Problem with Spider-Man 2, and a little on Spider-Man 3
I don't Like Spider-Man 2 and here's why...
Spider-Man 3, who's to truly blame?
Who's really to blame for the Spider-Man 3 Fiasco, I've got my answer, and it ain't pretty...
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