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Robert Garlen Presents Netflix & Marvel Knights: THE PUNISHER
My Take on a Netflix Aired Punisher T.V. Series, Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
My ideas to bring America's favorite Archaeologist back into theaters under the guiding hand of the House of Mouse.
Robert Garlen Presents THE CW'S SECRET SIX FAN CAST
My take on A 2nd Arrow Spin-Off Featuring the Secret Six, on the CW.
Robert Garlen Presents FX's THE SPIRIT FAN CAST
My take on a fan cast for the famous Will Eisner Character... The Spirit, on the FX Network.
Robert Garlen Presents DC Comic's New 52 Justice League: Origin Fan Cast
My Fan cast based on the opening arc of the New 52 DC Universe!
Robert Garlen's Dragon Ball Z Trilogy Fan Cast
My Vision for an appropriately made Dragon Ball Z Film Trilogy
Robert Garlen's Lethal Weapon Remake/Reboot Fan Cast
My Take on the currently UN-assembled reboot/remake of the 1987 Classic
Robert Garlen's 20th Century Fox/Marvel Comics CInematic Universe Fan Cast
My vision of a well Made 20th Century Fox/Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Robert Garlen's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot Fan Cast
My Take on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot!
Robert Garlen's MARRIED... With Children Reboot Fan Cast
My take on a MARRIED... With Children reboot, for when it's inevitably gets put in the works.
Robert Garlen's X-Men Reboot Fan Cast
A Fresh take on The Famed X-Men, a reboot with a purpose.
Robert Garlen Presents: AMC's The Sawyers Fan Cast
My Idea for a Prequel Television Series based on the 1974 Cult Classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Robert Garlen's Marvel Cinematic Universe: Moon Knight
My take on a Marvel Cinematic Universe Moon Knight Film!
Robert Garlen's Marvel Cinematic Universe: Spider-Man Fan Cast
My "Take" on if the Franchise had Reverted to the MCU. Not saying that it should be rebooted, I'm just fantasizing...
Robert Garlen's Batman Arkham Duology Fan Cast
As a massive fan of the Arkham Video Game Series, I've constructed a Fan Cast covering the Events of the Two First Entry's Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins!
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